Mixie's RoomMature

It was like some sort of drug trip really. Everything was purple and the constantly moving spotlights made it feel as if there were elongated mushrooms dancing about the room. The floor, the wall and even the people in here were all the same colour too because of the lighting. How trashy, I thought. This type of place never appealed to me. It grossed me out actually after knowing the bashful barfing and the gross gulping of alcohol that went on here. In the middle of the crowd was a girl that stood out to me. She looked about four years younger than the rest of us. Her hair I could just about make out to be red and her skin I could just about make out to be tanned. She was wearing some sort of denim outift.I couldn't really be sure though since I was looking from yards back and come on- With my eyesight? Around her were hundreds of drunks. Boys, girls, men, women, even the odd cat or two. I was guyessing however that the girl in the middle was this 'Mixie' person of who's nameplate was on the door. I dribbled my party around the out-of-its and, much to my triumph, got to the girl. 'You Mixie?' I shouted competing with the music blasting at our ears. She breathlessly nodded her head as she kept spinning on the spot in ecstacy. 'Can't stop... Must keep going...' She sighed with passion. She mumbled some more but I had no idea what she was saying. To the right I could see some sort of slim passage. I concluded that there would be no point in trying to carry on this half hearable conversation. 'We should go there,' Was all I could manage with the volume of the music. The five of us dodged the sea of people and got to it. Suprisingly, it was a lot quieter. Yet to no suprise, we found that we were in another radically different destination than the hotel. It was a long corridor with one pink door at the end. The side on our left was composed fully out of glass; It was an enourmous window. On the other, paintings of what seemed to be random splashes of paint stood admirably as if expecting us to be in awe of their beauty. 'I'm sorry but really? THIS is art?' Commented Rocky. 'I know right? A three year old could do better than this!' I replied. We exchanged humoured grins as Caitlin stated in a matter-a-fact way, 'Actually it's called abstract painting and I think it looks beautiful.' We rolled our eyes. 'Can we move on please?' Said Rocky impatiently as he continued walking. He now took the lead and I had lost my prime position. He touched the nob of the door. 'Is everyone ready?' He asked. We nodded. He twisted it. It opened and we were stood behind were three others. 'You're that show girl!' I screamed in suprise. They turned and she said, 'And you're that boy from the mirror.' It sounded like she'd had the same ordeal and we'd had. 'What you're doing is wrong,' said a boy coldly next to her pointing at a women in front. Meanwhile, another girl ran up to Johnny and threw her arms around him. The woman in front replied while sitting herself behind a glass desk, 'You have no idea what you're dealing with do you?' She revealed to us a watch like ours on her wrist. She pressed it and immediately a pink suit of armor swallowed her body. A sword also appered in her right hand accompanied by a shield in her left. 'Now!' Shouted the boy, 'The watches!' Everyone slammed down theirs too giving everyone their powers and armors. 'Let's...' I started just to be interrupted by a 'GYAHH!' Show girl swung a chain at the armor demonstrating her bursting power. Yet the armor on backed up a bit and countered with a slash. Showgirl's golden armor over the black outfit she wore seemed to sheild her from hurt however. Meanwhile, Caitlin who was wearing a blue dress as if she was like a princess, aimed a staff at the figure and fired beams of ice at the foe, each bigger than the next. On the other side of the room, the waiter boy aimed arrows from his silver bow at the woman. Both blasts were deflected though. Waiter took his shots with the silver breast plate but Caitlin couldn't and the force of her own shot send her in the corner of the room. Lucy screamed, 'Caitlin! Use time freeze!' With the additional knowledge aquired, she nooded and swished her staff in the air to produce a cold breeze which cooled the air. Then she commanded 'Names!'

'Max,' Breathed waiter.

'Jasmine,' Breathed showgirl.

'Emerald,' Sighed hugging girl.

The time freeze seemed to be putting the woman in slow motion. I took the chance to shout, 'Lucy! Stats!'

'She's tough! High attack, high defense and a weakness to... Fire! Rocky! You can use light fire and heavy physical! Go now!' She commanded.

Still wearing the red tracksuit he nodded and threw a punch at the figure which was covered in flames. He did another and before we knew it he was giving it a wild combo of firey hits. Finally he let off a finishing blow and the armor lay on the ground in submission. Max then stod over her and said, 'Now tell us where we are and how do we get out!'

All she said in reply was, 'Get Mixie and find Louse. Welcome to the Reflec zone.'

The End

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