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5th January 2010

'Happy New Year!' I shouted to Lucy. It seemed as if she didn't realise I was there until I shouted over to her. 'A-and a Happy New Year to you too!' She replied. I walked towards her. We'd become good friends through all the time we'd spent together in our form and our lessons. 'Your party was good fun by the way, sorry I couldn't stay for long,' She said apologetically. Little did she know how merry that Christmas eve party was for her though. I've never seen her with so much liquid. 'Do you always have a thing for wetting your throught?' I said jokily.

She looked shocked. 'What do you mean?' She retorted.

'You know, shoving that yellow liquid down your throught like there was no tomorrow! Thought you were a little more safe!'

'Oh--I---I don't remember. W--was it that much?'

'Are you kidding? You spend hours doing it! I mean really, we spent hours doing it; I didn't want you to be the only one doing it after all!'

'But we did it safely didn't we?'

'Of course! If it wasn't safe, I wouldn't have let you go that far!'

Why was she looking so shocked? I wondered. Maybe she's never had a drink of alcahol before, that could be the reason I guess.

'But I bet your head hurt the next day. To be fair, mine usually does too after my first time.'

'That wasn't your first time?!?' She exclaimed.

'Of course, I drink all the time with my friends and sometimes my family too,' I replied, 'Are you ok?' To this she turned a shade of red. So red in fact that it could probably make a rose feel unworthy of beauty.

'Ye-Yes,' She stammered, 'I'vegottogoseeyou!' And she was gone within a minute.


We left and the door followed us, on it's hinges of course. 'Soooo what now?' Said Caitlin. 'Well, we go through another door don't we,' I replied. 'But there aren't any open,' She finished. She was right of course. We'd already been in Caitlin', Rocky's and Lucy's room so there was really no need to go back in them. Meanwhile, the other doors just stood as we stared at them, lifeless and unmoving. One thing we did notice though was that, 'Where's the name gone?' We all looked at the door without a name. Of course, it did once have a name. It was a sign that read 'Amy' in bright yellow letters. But now, there was just, nothing; no letters, no writing, no impression, only the dark brown wood of the door. 'Try the handle,' Suggested Johnny. Much to my suprise, it opened. 'Is everyone ready?' I asked before entering whatever the next room would be like. They gave their consent. I pushed. We walked in. Fumbled for a light switch. Pressed it.

Light came down from the ceiling to reveal a small stage with a girl, no, a corpse of a girl lying lifelessly there. We all stepped back in shock. The girl had a pink microphone in her hand. She had her hair up in a bun. But worst of all, looking past the blood stained clothes and her slashed skin, she was about our age. 'Was she... Like us?' Mumbled Caitlin, 'Amy...' It was a while that we stared at her body. It took me a while because of this to realise that Lucy had collapsed onto the floor. 'Lucy... Lucy!' I cried. I feared for her safety. 'Lucy! Are you ok?' I continued to ask. A few questions later, she came to. Her face was pale and she looked shaky. She just about managed a yes. When I looked back to the body, I noticed Johnny walking back from it. 'Did you find something?' I asked trying to look at him rather than the body. 'Yeah, it's some kind of key or something,' he replied. He held up a green key. Even though it was little, I imagined it to be important, what with being in a hotel full of doors and rooms and all. 'Is that all you got?' Questioned Rocky. Johnny shook his head. After a short moment, it seemed like Rocky shook the strange feeling that he had off. Had he seen something? What could Johnny have possibly wanted from the body? 'C'mon,' interrupted Johnny from my train of thought, 'There's no point of dwelling on her death, let's move on.' We all left following this. Let's hope that this is the last body we'll see in this place, I thought.

I used my initiative as we came out of the room and  Tried the key in the keyhole. The door opened to show, not another bizzarre fantasy land, but a simple set of stairs. Two sets actually even though one had a metal chain around it so it wasn't possible for us to go there. Meanwhile, the other set of stairs led to a lower floor. The blood red carpet with black swirls on it that was was so familiar by now tempted us to go further. As we walked down there I couldn't help but notice the sudden rise in temperature. It seemed I wasn't the only one either. 'Is it hot down here or is it just me?' Asked Caitlin. 'Just like all my first dates,' I mumbled. She looked puzzled. Good old LucahJin, I thought. Before us, as we reached the bottom of the stairs, stood a set of much grander doors. They had the name 'Mixie' on them. They didn't open however. I had a feeling that that challenge would be a lot harder that the others but we didn't need to worry about that in that moment of time. There was also a corridor around each side of the door that lead us onto, 'A lobby? Really?'

'I guess that it lobbied our hopes of getting out of here!' Amused Johnny. We all looked at him, unimpressed. 'Oh dear, so this is what we're stuck with? Let's just hope we get out of here fast,' Said Caitlin. Johnny played a fake tears routine. None of us felt sympathy.

To our sides, there were two more grand mirrors. 'Hey Mike,' Started Lucy, 'Do you remember before when you told us about the people you saw in the mirror, do you think it'll work here with us too?' Her innocently asked question was a good one. I gathered everyone around the mirror and we stared for a couple of seconds. Surely enough, just like before, a number of people appeared. The show girl from before was still there like before, staring into my eyes as were a few of the others that I'd seen before apart from one. '... Been Amy,' I mumbled. 'What?' 'Must've been Amy, there's one less now than before.'


A solemn expression made up his face. Those sad brown eyes that were always full of joy. I missed that but then again how happy could you be in a situation like this. Looking at him, I want to do everything I can to help him. He's done so much for us and it's about time I tried to help too. I stood strongly. 'What're you doing Lucy?' Asked Mike puzzled to why I'd moved back from them. I slammed my hand on the watch. Hello Arachne, I thought, let's do our best. 'I'm going to scan this whole area,' I told them. With my first right and my first right, I held the goggles up over my eyes. The whole room appeared in x ray vision and fully annotated. With my second left and second right, I placed together the tablet and held my needles with my third left and third right. With the help of the ring in my fourth right hand, I could now annotate and examine my surroundings. As for my fourth left hand, well, I'm sorry but it just needs itching!

'Ok so what've we got here then,' I said examining the data, 'Destination, mirror world, hotel area. Number of floors: Four. Number of rooms: 15. Population: 2000.'

Caitlin burst in, 'Whoa Whoa Whoa. Population 2000? Is that how many people have been kidnapped and put in here?'

'Kidnapped?' Rocky questioned, 'Who ever said we'd been kidnapped?'

Caitlin looked taken aback. 'I-I just assumed really. I mean, what else could have happened? We'd have walked into here?'

Johnny broke in, 'Well that's not intirely improbable is it? I mean Mike's been going from a hotel, to a hill, to a mountain, to a kingdom and back round to the hotel again!'

Mike then came in with, 'What even is a mirror world? And why were we picked?'

Their questions were getting louder and more rapid. Despite the logic of the questions, I shot another purple bolt of energy out of my needle to silence the crowd. 'You really think that we're going to have these questions answered by just shouting at each other?' I said.


She was right of course. That was the Lucy we all knew and loved after all; the cool and the rational Lucy.

The End

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