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Just as we got out of the room, I spotted a boy, about our age, sat in the corridor below the grand mirror. 'Who are you?' Asked Rocky as the door shut behind us. 'Oh hey!' Said the boy. He looked like he was relieved to see us. 'My name's Johnny Devoe, but more importantly, where are we? I just got here,' He said. The three of us told him that we had no idea and then our names. 'Rocky Anderson.' 'Lucy tampoli.' 'Luke Jones.' After our greetings, we once again explained about the whole situation. It took a while but Johnny seemed to understand everything that we said but was aas clueless as us to what had happened. Finally he spoke, 'So we're going to Caitlin's room then?'

'Yes,' I replied, 'Let's go.'

After we'd entered the room, once again, the door slammed shut behind us much to Lucy's suprise as she jumped in fright. 'AH!' She squeeked. Much to my suprised she grabbed my arm. Our eyes met. Then away. Dismissing the awkwardness in this moment, we re-focused and looked around the room, or should I say Kingdom. We were on some sort of hill and after the drop, there were many colourful market stalls. Some had people selling freshly caught fish, some had people selling shiny red apples but the fact was that bussiness for this market place was booming. Past the market stall was a majestic castle accompanied by the honey coloured sunset behind it. I was in such awe that I didn't even stop to wonder about the people here. 'Are they people?' Lucy said as if she was a martian. 'Of course!' I replied. Then it occurred to me; 'How did all these people get here?' You've been here as long as I have Lucy replied, 'But maybe they know something about this place.' I nodded and we ventured into the market place.

There was an old lady selling apples. She looked kind and knowledgeable so I said to her, 'Excuse me, do you know where we are?' No answer. She kept selling her fruit as if she didn't hear me. Then Johnny gave it a go, 'Hey! Old lady! Switch your hearing aid on!' At this point we all lowered our heads in embarressment but there was still no answer. Suddenly, for a split second, the whole scene turned dark. It was as if all the lights had gone out. The sky turned black and the fast flow of people stopped. But after this second had passed, everything was back to normal. Lucy and I exchanged confused looks. 'We aren't getting anywhere here, should we move on?' said Lucy quietly. I nodded and we did so.

After what felt like hundreds of sets of dialogues, no one could or would tell us about how they had got inside the room or 'Kingdom'. Even stranger, when Rocky tried to take an apple in order to eat it, he couldn't pick it up! It was as if the whole room was just like a hollogram.

'Ok, so we've been all over the market and no one is really saying anything to us and they don't seem to know anything anyway since none of them are acting suspiciously or secretively,' said Johnny. 'The only place haven't checked is that castle over there,' Came back Rocky. He pointed to the grand yet grey castle that Lucy and I were admiring before. 'Guess we better go there then, maybe we'll find this Caitlin girl,' I concluded.

It was strange. As we approached, it seemed like the room had gotten darker, yet the castle casted no shadow. As we looked up we saw that clouds had appeared in the sky that weren't previously there. It ruled out any possibility of there being any sort of wallpaper in these rooms. The castle had no door. There was no drawbridge or any moat for that matter. The grey castle's inside would have been bare if not for the set of stairs. After flights and flights of stairs that were accompanied by grunt after grunt after grunt from the three of us, we finally reached the top. Again, there was no door but we still ventured through the doorway to enter a circular room with a girl on her knees in the middle. As we came in she looked shocked as if she didn't expect to see human beings ever again. 'Are you Caitlin?' I said. She nodded. She looked very weak and pale. 'That's right, I'm Caitlin,' Came an identical voice. She looked terrified as an identical figure appeared behind her. 'My name is Caitlin Schuster,' Came the other Caitlin. 'No I'm Caitlin Schuster,' Said the real Caitlin strongly. 'Well yeah, you are Caitlin Schuster the strong one,' She said Sarcastically. 'What's that supposed to mean?' Said Caitlin. He voice was growing louder and she sounded more aggressive. The other Caitlin carried on, 'Oh please. I've got to be strong for everyone! I can't let my emotions get in the way! I need to look after her friends--'

'Stop it!' Shouted the real Caitlin interrupting the other Cailin. It seemed that she knew what the other one was talking about however the three of us were clueless. Just as I looked to see how Lucy and Johnny were reacting to this I noticed that we weren't alone. There were thousands of people stood on the stairs, in the enterance, all lined up as if waiting to come in. Then, another figure appeared in a pink dress it was like the one that the other Caitlin was wearing. Suddenly, Cailtin picked herself up and ran towards the girl. Tears appeared in her eyes. A smirk came across the other Caitlin's face. 'Oh? I thought you were the strong one...' She said mockingly.

'SHUT UP!' Cried Caitlin. Then the other snapped her fingers and the girl in the pink dress dissapered. 'BRING HER BACK YOU BITCH! YOU STUPID BITCH BRING HER BACK NOW!' Shouted Caitlin. Her voice was constantly breaking and tears were streaming down her face. 'Oh please,' she said, 'You don't need her.'


'Of course I can, after all, I am you,' She said triumphantly.

Lucy whispered to me, 'It's like she's feeding off the real Caitlin's despair!' Lucy was right. Every time that a tear came down Caitlin's face, the other seemed to grow more and more amused.

'NO! YOU'RE NOT ME!' Caitlin cried. Then, the room went darker. All the people came in and crowded the large cirular room. The other Caitlin smirked, then chuckled, then giggled and then laughed. All of the people then suddenly dissapered. The three of us became wary. All of a sudden, the other Caitlin transformed. Her face shrivelled up until turning into a skull. Her once blue and clear gown turned dirty and ripped she grew to a staggering height. Lucy didn't say a word but her face told me she was petrified. Then, the figure said, 'I am your shadow, the evil parts inside of you manifested into one being.' With this and with the chains that had appeared on her boney arms, she knocked Caitlin across the room. She cried in pain. After this, our watches seemed to glow. I looked to Lucy. I think we shared the same idea. We placed our hands on our watches and then slammed our hands down. I could feel my body mutate. I had grown bigger. My once guitar hero shirt and tracksuit bottoms had turned into a stainless white outfit. Furthermore, I had an enourmous cleaver strapped to my back. It resembled a quaver note. In addition to this, I had piano keys strapped to my arms to be used as elbow blades. I felt so powerful. I looked over to Lucy. I thought nothing had happened. But then, she started to hideously transform. To start with, she grew six more arms. Then an eye revealed itself on her head. Finally, she grew as I did and her clothing was replaced with a white toga. In each of her hands that had grown were; a needle, a silk sort of tablet, a pair of goggles made for three eyes, a ring, another needle and a very thin silk tablet like the other. Strangely though, she looked like she knew what she could do and how she could use these powers as if she had just aquired new knowledge. 'I think my power is different to yours,' she said cooly. I can use these items to identify the enemy while I think that yours are for attacking with. I was shocked. Attacking? Me? I was the most unfit person I knew yet I was the warrior here? 'Stay behind me,' I said to Johnny who didn't have a watch at this point, 'Rocky, keep Caitlin and Johnny safe.' He nodded and I stopped a strong swing from it with my cleaver. Meanwhile, Lucy and her arms connected the slik tablet pieces and held her goggles over her eyes. Also, her needle was pointed at the enourmous thing and she pointed the ring in the same direction. 'She's tough!' Said Lucy. 'That's it?' I shouted shocked while avoiding another blow, 'You've got all those... things and all you've got is that's it? I could figure out that stark naked with all two of my arms stuck behind my back and even then I could figure that out!' She looked offended. I apologized and said, 'Anything else in more detail?' Lucy studied her tools. 'I'll need some more time!' She shouted. I decided that I was the one who needed to buy her that time. I dodged another swing and then took a swing at her arm. 'AAAAARG!' She grunted. She lashed out at me again and I dodged it again and use the cleaver again. 'Got it!' Shouted Lucy triumphantly to me, 'Ok, it uses mostly physical attacks but she sometimes charges up for ice attacks. She's weak to wind damage though and I'm pretty sure you have that!'

I was puzzled at how to use this skill. I asked and she said, 'Shout something and do a pose! That's what they do in all the movies!' I actually cracked a smile at that one. 'SOMETHING!' I shouted. Unsuprisingly, nothing. So out of a hunch I swung my cleaver forward without hitting the giant figure above me and a blast of wind came from the weapon. The enourmous figure grunted a lot louder this time. I felt pleased. It tried to attack Lucy but she stopped it with the end of her needle and then somehow sent out an enourmous purple blast from it. We both looked shocked. Suddenly, the room went very cold. Oh no I thought, she must be charging up for that attack. I need to finish this now! So I took my cleaver and threw myself into the figure with it in front of me. I landed, looked back and saw that I had dispersed all of the dark energy that it had absorbed. Then the girl figure of Caitlin appeared again. I prepared to attack but the real Caitlin shouted, 'Wait!' Wiping the tears from her eyes she said, 'You're right you are me. I shouldn't try to be the strong one all the time and I do need to recognise my own need as well as everyone elses.' The other smiled, not like before, this time she looked satisfied and relieved. Then it turned into a blue ball and flew onto her wrist and made a watch like ours. A voice came, 'You have shown acceptance and courage that was needed to accept that bad parts inside of you.' It dissapered a quickly as it had come. She stared for a while transfixed at the watch. Then she looked up at the three of us and smiled while Lucy and I powered down. Finally, we left the room.

The End

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