Rocky's RoomMature

'Rocky's room,' I said decisively. Lucy looked at me. 'Why did we stop talking?' She said. I was suprised that she said this at this praticular time. But it made me wonder as well.


18th December 2006

While walking out of school I noticed one of my school friends stood in the snow. She wore a white coat and a light blue berret. Our eyes met. 'Hi,' I said. 'Hi,' she returned. Her face was clear and round. She was quite small and her flat shoes didn't help the matter. 'You're in my form aren't you?' She said. 'Yes,' I came back, '7BL. We don't talk much though.' She blushed. It seemed that my reply took her by suprise. 'Can I walk you home? You never know who you might come across on your own' I offered. 'Um, ok,' She said hesitantly.


'I dunno,' I muttered. There was a short awkward silence. I broke it by saying, 'Well, onto the next room.' She nodded and we went through the door and afterwards, it shut automatically. We looked around. It was as if we'd just travelled to Japan. There were grey mountains that looked strong and rigid. There was a sky that was as raw as a chicken. Instead of pretty, it looked slightly gross. From a distance, we could just about make out a boy sat on to of one of the mountains. Of course, it was the biggest one that looked the most dangerous. He looked the other way and just stared into the distance. He wore a full body tracksuit that was a blood red colour. He must have been the boy in the mirror, I thought. 'Hey!' I shouted. No answer. 'Hello?' I shouted again. No answer. 'OI YOU ON THE ROCK!' My patience was wearing thin. At this he turned and looked over to us. 'Who are you?' He said confusedly. 'We're lost and by the looks of things you are too unless you have a habbit of climbing rocks in a room in a strange hotel and staring into some sky from it,' I said slightly annoyed. He still just looked and said, 'Yeah.' He climbed down to meet us and said, 'Hello, my name is Rocky.'

'We know,' I said cooling down, 'It said so on your door.'

'Door? But we're outside aren't we?' He said still confusedly.

Once again I explained everything. 'Well then, this must be wallpaper,' He said. He turned to the sky and reached to touch it but he couldn't. As he kept trying, his sleeve cam further and further down until I saw it and said, 'What's that?' He examined it and told us that he had just found it when he woke up in the room on his wrist. It was exactly the same as ours but just that it was purple. He didn't look like he was hiding anything though. The only thing that made me suspicious was the face that Lucy and I had 'earned' our watches. Yet her claims that he just got it when he came in? We all stood quietly looking at each other for a while in our own thoughts. 'Well should we leave or something?' He suggested. I shook myself out of my thoughts trance and nodded. Finally we left the room.

The End

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