The HotelMature

A story about Nine people who have ended up in another place that all have to work together to escape and solve the mystery of the hotel. There are five seperate endings so please read each path seperately and see what ending you get!


My head pounded. It was as if someone had slammed a hammer on it. I was lay down in the middle of a corridor in what looked like a hotel. A red carpet held my body from below it and a gigantic mirror stood on the wall behind my body. As I stood, I noticed that the hallway was thin and long and only had a handful of doors there. Where am I? I thought. As I looked up I saw that the ceiling was white with red swirls to go with the blood red carpet. How did I get here? As I turned to the enourmous mirror I noticed that after a few seconds of peering into my own figure, the mirror fogged up. Just then, several other figures appeared. One seemed to be a girl wearing fish nets and a top hat. She looked like a show girl or some sort of entertainer. Another was a rather burly lad. He wore a full body tracksuit as if he had been plucked out of a sports event. I turned to see them all behind me and to see if they knew anything that I didn't but, no one was stood there. I turned to look back into the mirror. I looked at each figure and had the same feeling about all of them but one. I was sure that I had seen her before. She had blue-dyed hair, a small round face and a kind twinkle in her eyes. Suddenly it came to me.

'That's Lucy!' I exclaimed.

Of course! Lucy was my friend from when I was younger. Obviously she had changed with her dyed hair and more maturr face, but she still had the same look in her eyes and the same hairstyle and dress sense. She had always worn some sort of dress underneath a light blue woolen cardigen. But did that mean that she was here too? And did that mean that the other seven people were here as well?

I decided to look around. There were 2 doors on the same wall as the mirror and 3 doors on the opposite wall. Each door had a name on it Caitlin, Rocky, Lucy and Amy. The fifth door stood opposite the mirror and had no name on it. I tried to open it and thought it was locked. However, when I bent down to look for a keyhole, I found that there wasn't one. It was the same for the other doors, none had key holes, only handles.

Suddenly, a black sillouette appeared behind me. It's shadow revealed that it had some sort of a sword. I saw that it was about to strike me and I dodged the blow. I had never encountered anything like this before. It pulled the sword behind it's back preparing to attack again. My instincts kicked in and I tackled it to the ground. I gave it multiple blows; left hook, right hook until eventually, it faded away. The black vapours from its body rose and levitated and shaped themselves into a sphere. As I stood I heard a voice come from the sphere; 'You have a fighters spirit and are certainly courageous'. There was a very serious yet kind of comforting tone that accompanied this message. The voice was low pitched and therefore sounded male to me. 'You deserve this,' it finished. To follow this message it flew towards me with such speed that I didn't have time to react. It flew onto my wrist and as I lookedonto my wrist in oreder to see how it could've damaged it, I found a kind of Black watch. It had the same characteristics as a watch apart from the face that what would've been the watch's face was the word 'Apollo Power'. When I read this, only two things came to mind; the Apollo Space Craft and the Mythtical Greek God Apollo.

'Apollo hmm?' I muttered. I was slightly bewildered due to how quickly this event had took place. I dazed at the watched transfixed by its unusualness and then came back to my senses. I looked at the five doors again.

'Maybe now I can use one of the doors,' I considered. And as if in response to my thoughts, the door stood next to me swung open. It was the door with Lucy on the front of it. Without thinking I walked in and it immediately swung shut.

It was pitch black. I could'nt see a thing. That is, until I saw Lucy. She was glowing like literally glowing! She looked just as she did in the mirror. 'Tom?' She said bewildered.

'NO!' Came another voice immediately followed by another figure. It was Lucy again, but not the same Lucy. She had the same voice, the same twinkle in her hair, the same dress sense, the same look but there could only be one Lucy. 'She's impersinating me so that she can escape! I've been here for hours and now she's turned up and transformed to look like me!' Shouted Lucy#2 pointing at the other. 'That's not true! She just appeared looking like me and now is saying all these things about me! Where even am I?' Came back Lucy#1 looking frightened. This conversation went on and on with the first Lucy looking confused and out of it and Lucy #2 screaming aggressively at the other. I didn't know what to do!

'Hold it!' I shouted. If you are the real Lucy then convince me!' I said to both of them.They both seemed to stand there looking at one another in the same pose with the same faces pushing there hair in the same way. Then, Lucy#2 spoke up and said 'Red Lorry Yellow Lorry...' And she continued on and on with this sequence until I realised, 'Of course! You've always been brilliant at tongue twisters! You're the really Lucy!

'NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!' Came the other in a desperate tone. Then, her glow went and she dissapeared with the darkness and revealed that we had been stood in a meadow on a picnic mat. After this experience, a white sphere emerged from the basket that stood on the mat with us, like it did with me and said 'You have shown excellent knowledge and understanding,' and then flew onto her wrist to make a white watch similar to mine. On it's face it said 'Arachne'.

After this ordeal, we sat down on the mat and talked to each other about our experiences. I turns out, she had ended up in her room just like I had ended up in the corridor. We looked around in the meadow from the mat to find a source but all that we could see was our red and white checkered mat, the picnic basket, a rather large compact mirror and a brown wodden door that stood just behind the mat. We couldn't see any source at all. I carried on explaining about the figures in the mirror, the wrist watch and the doors in the hallway. Just then it occurred to me, 'How can a room be this big?' Lucy sat and shood her head with a blank expression. Afterwards, we went back into the hallway dismissing our questions and looked at the doors. 'Maybe now that I have a watch too, we can go through a new door,' she said. In answer to this, two doors swung open; One had 'Rocky' on the front, the other had 'Caitlin' on the front. Lucy turned to me and said;

'Well what room do you think we should go in first?'


The End

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