Naeva - Warden 101Mature

The Warden Naeva had seen at the door earlier was back. Not like one hundred and one other Warden's hadn't done exactly the same thing. She walked into the room, smiling gently. Naeva did what she always did. She cringed away slightly, and whimpered: "Please don't hurt me!" The Warden's smile vanished and she rushed over to where Naeva was stood. She bent down, and looking right into Naeva's eyes, she said: 

"I won't ever hurt you. Has someone hurt you before? Someone in the same clothes as me? Have they hit you?" Naeva nodded, summoning up a fake tear to roll down her cheek. It was so easy to fake cry now. 

Good. You're doing good. Keep it up. Milk it. Make sure she totally believes that you're an innocent little kid.  The Voice's deep, echoing, mean-sounding voice rang out in Naeva's mind. She let a few more tears spill out. 

"Naeva! Its OK, I won't let anyone else hurt you ever again. Sit down with me. Talk to me." She sat on the floor, crossing her legs, and motioned for Naeva to do the same. Sniffing, she did so, using a balled up fist to wipe away the tears on her cheek. 

"Who are you?" She said in a sweet voice. And the Warden opened her mouth, pouring out her heart to this sweet little girl she saw, and Naeva switched off, letting the Voice control her movements, her voice, her little nods, smiles, frowns, questions and comments. Voice was better in these situations. It was easy to let it take over... 

The End

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