Livian DenisMature

Reyrey smiled as she walked away. Blood dripped from the blade in between her fingertips. I looked down at my bleeding wrist as she slumped onto the other bed. Why was she able to get that? Why was I even in the same room as her?

I stood up and went to the little skin in the corner. I grabbed some tissues and washed water over the wounds before pressing that to them. "That feel good, Liv?" Reyrey asked with a slur. I looked over my shoulder at her then away looking at the red blotch spreading out on the tissue. I got a fresh one and did the same actions before returning to my bed where I grabbed my jacket.

I moved towards the door and hit it three times. A warden appeared. "Escort to the yard please" I mumbled. The warden nods with a grunt and opens the door. As he's doing that I pull on my jacket which stops me from shivering as I step into the cold corridor.

The warden gestures forward with another grunt while looking me up and down. Taking in my basic ripped up jeans, zip removed of course, then my jacket which covered my long sleeved shirt which kept bare my shoulders. I could hear the warden lick his lips behind me as I walked forward. Why did I always get this creep?

It's then I saw her through the window. The new warden sat down with her. I shook my head which caught the newbie's attention. She looked at me confused and I mouthed 'killer' before gesturing at the little girl. I knew though that it wouldn't help. Not until she saw it for herself. Not until she saw the horror behind the innocence.

The End

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