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"But, Head Warden, shes a little girl. When she looked at me with those big innocent eyes, that sweet smile and.. ohh, those dimples, I thought my heart was breaking. I got into this business for exactly this reason. To stop innocent people being put in padded cells for  the rest of their lives." The New Warden on the block said angrily, talking through her teeth. 

"Warden, I appreciate your... concern, but you have to realize that what you are speaking about is the exact reason I warned you about her. Naeva is criminally insane. She hears voices. She doesn't listen to reason. She killed both her parents." The Head Warden said coolly. It was obviously not the first time he had dealt with a new warden who had fallen in love with the dimples and wavy hair of Naeva. But new Warden hardly even blinked when he told her the news that made most newbies blink, take a step back and apologize for wasting his time. 

"I accept that as the story you've been given. I accept, both of her parents may have been killed, and this little girl found on the scene, but do you not think she could have been framed? I know what I'm talking about here. I was in that Asylum for three years. I know what it is like to be trapped somewhere you don't belong. Punished for a crime you didn't commit. I know.

"Warden, I accept your point of view, given your past, but how do you explain the fact that there was a bloody knife, with fingerprints of Naeva, and only Naeva, passing right through the heart of her father? It was identified as the knife that killed her mother, too. Both of their blood was found on it." 

"Do you not know how the minds of these unstable people work? They got her to hold the knife, maybe she and they were, I don't know, playing a game. Then, wearing gloves, the murderer kills both her parents, and leaves." 


"Give me one session." 

"Okay. You have one, one hour session with Naeva. There will be two guards outside the door. The security cameras will be on. That is all, newbie."  Newbie got up, and left, flicking her hair behind her shoulders. She was grinning from ear to ear. She had won. Well, nearly. 

The End

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