Naeva - Room 107Mature

Naeva looked up and smiled the smile she had practiced hundreds of times in the mirror, the smile that the voice had told her was perfect. Sure to make adults fall for you every time.. It had said. The innocent, I'm-just-a-little-girl  smile. The wide, scared eyes that stared into those of the warden. 

Good, she's totally falling for it... These newbies are so easy to fool.. The voice gave an evil cackle, and Naeva had to stop herself from mimicking it and cackling out loud, turning her innocent smile into an evil grin. The Warden's face was twisted into an expression of pure fury. 

Um, voice? Naeva was beginning to get scared. 

Yes, Naeva? 

Is this.. what we want? She looks a little... angry.. 

This is indeed. If she's angry, she has passion. Passion enough to get us out. 

And looking up, Naeva saw the warden had left. Left, probably, to take up this matter with the head warden. Then, and only then, did Naeva allow herself an evil cackle and a grin, showing pearly white teeth with incisors that looked all too pointy... 

The End

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