Room 107Mature

Kinley House is an asylum for the extremely mentally unstable. Those who are so ill they are a danger to themselves and others. The kind that hear voices telling them to murder children, skin puppies alive..
But what no-one expects is the occupant of room 107...

The new warden on the block patrolled the corridors. She was more than a little scared, being only twenty-five, and pretty puny looking. She was afraid of what some of the inmates might do.. She knew why she had got the job. Because of her amazing strength, authority and her shocking back story. The story of how her mentally unstable best friend framed her for the crimes he committed, getting her put into an asylum like this one. It nearly turned her mad herself.. Until the voice in his head told him this was it. Time to bring out the big guns. Time to murder a little girl. None other than his ex-best friend's sister. 

He had, luckily, been caught before he could so much as lay a finger on the girl, but the prospect of what he might have done was enough. They finally gave her the interview she asked over and over for, and saw that she wasn't the mentally ill one. He was. Their places swapped, she was free again. And with an unnaturally strong resolve to make sure that never happened to anyone ever again.

Most of the cells contained older men with shaved heads and a bunch of crazy tattoos, or women with wide eyes and long hair falling in their faces. A couple contained really freaky-looking teenagers, with cuts on their arms and hair dyed all crazy colors. This was all the norm. This was what she was expecting. 

But what she wasn't expecting was what she saw in room 1o7. As she stared through the glass, she could hardly believe it. She got sad, then angry. The head warden had warned her. WARNED HER. About this inmate. But surely this was another incidence of the wrong person being framed. 

This inmate... Was just a little girl...

The End

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