Mother's office is huge, and the center of Headquarters, which was dubbed "The Hole" by team forty-two. The large extravagant doors reach the height of fifteen feet, for the taller folk, and are hand carved by herself. Patterns of wildlife, and machines destroying nature fill the grains of wood. There's no meaning behind the picture, she was just bored and it was on her mind, or so she says.

The Torch gave a curt knock on the wood, leaving slight singe marks.

            "Enter," slurred the voice of a woman-drunkard. I shifted uncomfortable. Mother was usually much...meaner when she was not of the right mind. We entered, nonetheless.

Bookshelves touched the ceiling and every inch of wall in the room; a glass chandelier hung from the ceiling, but it was the only fancy thing in the room. Everything else was a mess. Papers were strewn around the floor, and beer cans could be seen sticking out around the lumps of paper and pens. 

"Oi!" laughed a women around her mid thirties while spinning around on a swivel chair, "Welcome forty-two!" she rushed over to hug the entire group at once, catching me by the neck; when she released us I had red marks on my neck.

Mother took a good five second look at us before digging into a pile of papers on the right; she fished out a small red folder that was tied in a stack of papers with purple twill-a level three mission.

            "Mother, aren't we banned from missions?" I questioned carefully.

She thought, took a swig from her red-stained, white mug, and then answered with a surprisingly curt, "No."

            "Here is your transfer folder, identification papers, and mission transcript," continued Mother as she tossed the folder to me carelessly. "Go on."

We all stood there, slightly bewildered, blinking empty eyes to force out some of the confusion within our minds.

            "Why are you still standing there? Go!" Mother waved her hand at us impatiently with a smile on her face, "Good luck!"

Of course, we all took off this time. Right after we made it past the first corner, Edward jumped over the hand rail to the next stair case, then shouted "Last one to the room gets clean up!" Everyone, even Lily laughed happily before following Edward's dangerous move across the rail and sprinting back to the room. However, I stayed behind purposely; something seemed wrong about the mission. I couldn't help myself as I stormed back into Mother's room.

            "What is the meaning of this Mother? We are banned from Missions because we never passed the initiation exam."

            "I am perfectly aware of that," snapped Mother, the drunkenness suddenly out of her system, "and you, as well as many of the teacher, know that your team deserves to go on a mission."

I remembered that statement; usually people died when she said that. "You're lying. You gave a level three mission to a bunch of one stars, no, no stars! It's dangerous, irresponsible, and just plain stupid!"

            "I trust you, Tofu. You can pull them through this one."

            "No. They'll die just like the last team."

            "We'll see."

            "What are you planning?"

            "It's not your time to know yet."

            "If my team and I are going to die, don't you think we deserve to know why?"


            "That's it?"

            "Yes. Now leave, your presence is no longer welcome. Dismissed."

I walked out, fully knowing that I'd be bringing team forty-two to their deaths.


            Mission: Track down and kill Elemental Witch Clair.


The End

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