When a ‘youngling’, as Mother calls them, is taken in they are split into two groups that are determined by one factor—whether one is a Weapon or a Meister. Weapons are people, usually children, who were kidnapped by the government for their unmoral, hidden, CIA top-secret military experiment to create the perfect human weapon; thus, mutant children that can turn into weapons. When the normal public found out about the government’s genetic tampering, what resulted was the biggest governmental uprising the world has ever seen—mostly because citizens from around the globe participated in the overthrow of the US government. After that, the news media crews found out about experiments like the ones in America had happened, and started, earlier then the Americans. Suddenly, we’ve got Witches, Demons, and Human Weapons crawling all over the Earth. With the new threat of Witches and Demons to confront, the remaining Human Weapons joined forces with regular humans called Meisters. As cool as the Weapons seem to be, without their Meisters they’re pretty much worthless; what’s a weapon without an owner?

            As I predicted, a Torch walked into the room to break up the nearing fist-fight between Rin and Edward. They huffed and attempted to kick each other even when the Torch picked them up by their shirt collars.

            The flame headed man glared through glowing spheres of fire lodged within its head and stated gruffly, “Team forty-two is to report to Mother immediately. No dilly-dallying in the halls. Got it?”

            “Yes, sir,” Tim replied respectively out of impulse. Thank Kinkoman that Tim wasn’t a Mister. He’s as jittery as a rabbit on a black road in the middle of a hot summer’s day.

            Jim laughed at his twin counter part, knowing that the influence of their military father was still imprinted in Tim’s mind. The Torch switched his attention to Jim, who shut up, then turned.

            “Why aren’t any of you moving?” he shouted. It almost seemed like he was going to blow fire, like a dragon.

           We all scooted ourselves onto the fabricated metal floor of the hall, which lead to the ‘Underground Interstate’. It didn’t take too long, because the team only consisted of two Meisters, five weapons, and me; we were the smallest team in existence—most had a thirteen member total.

            Mother lived about two floors and a hallway away from the bedroom quarters, but Phillip already had trouble keeping up. Phillip’s a shift-type weapon. Basically, he turns into pretty much anything the Meister thinks of; unfortunately, he’s pretty weak—low stamina. His’ Meister is Kevin, who’s one of those cool looking smart guys; he has glasses. Kevin’s genetic family tree is like America—a big bowl of salad; he’s got every single possible ethnicity’s genes locked up in him somehow. Part everything. He’s also pretty lucky; it’s rare for a Meister to be able to Soul Link with another Weapon. Her name’s Lily. I don’t have much information on her, since I don’t talk to her that much and she doesn’t either. She has white hair that’s always tied with some ribbon—the color always matches her mood—and she’s a blade-type Weapon. I’ve only seen her in combat once, since Kevin usually doesn’t need to use his Weapons.

Then there are the twins: Tim and Jim. They never separate from each other. Even right now, in the cramped hall Tim is shadowing Jim perfectly. Both of them are weapons—actually, their entire family is composed of weapons—but for some reason, neither of them were able to find a partner to Soul Link with.

A Soul Link is what basically connects a Weapon to a Meister, allowing the Meister and only that Meister to use the Weapon. I never figured out why that system was ever implanted into the genetic make-up of a Weapon, but it’s there alright.

That leaves the quarrelling, non-couple Rin and Edward. Mother’s always kept a close eye on those two; it’s the reason why I, a technician, was assigned to the team. There’s really nothing else to their partnership, except for the fact that they can’t make a Soul Link.

The End

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