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Soul Eater by Atsushi Okubo

            Concepts: a popular insult from Soul to Maka

     the whole mister and weapon combo



She felt strange as she woke up that morning. Maybe it was the weather—sunny, not a single cloud in the perfect brilliant blue sky; it was horrible. Maybe it was her new home—finely decorated with elaborate pieces of professionally designed furniture and architecture; it was drab. Perhaps it was the new medicine that her over-paid therapists, pharmacists, nutritionists, and other doctor people she didn’t even know prescribed. What was she to them? What was she to the world? What was she? Sometimes, she would take on the appearance of a normal, dreary, little, innocent twelve year old girl; but, at other times, she was a monster to the scientists that kept her locked up in that stupid, diminutive, top-secret, lab below the known government owned lab. I knew what she felt, because I was there with her too. Damn government; no one can get past them, especially the forgotten ones and the shadows.

            We have no records; only the erased, manipulated, out-of-reach memories of relatives, friends, and acquaintances that still lived in the real world. I spat on the floor of my reinforced, glass-walled, three-by-four cell and watched the little robot maid I created clean up the mess. The half sphere, chrome top gleamed in the artificial, bluish lighting. It hurt my eyes staring at the sharp rays, but it reminded me of the sun and the top-side so I continued to take in the pain that somehow caused my heart to miss beats, and my mind to waver. I think it was nostalgia, or at least me feeling some sort of human feelings. But, I’ve learned that mistake; it’s a trick that memories of the past try to deceive me with. We are not human—with abilities like these, we are not human…I think.

            “Tofu, shaddup will ya? Some of us are trying to sleep, and no one is interested in your delusional stories.”

            That was Edward. He’s rude.

            I was about to respond, politely of course, but Rin decided to interject.

            “Well, since you’re so adamant in stopping people’s delusional fantasies, why don’t you shaddup so everyone else can go to sleep.” It was brilliant, and well said. Her mocking tone fluctuated at the perfect moments in order to mock the manner in which Edward so blatantly disrupted my not delusional memories.

            By now the two had entered a verbal sparing match that team forty-two decided was important enough to prevent sleep from washing over them—they got up to cheer for someone. A torch was gonna come soon. I just know it. Then we’ll get busted for not following curfew, then we’ll be sent down to mother—to get punished again—and we’ll need to clean the training rooms again. There was no doubt in my mind, but I wasn’t going to stop it. Our team had gotten in enough trouble to be banned from missions, another mishap would not hurt our infamous record, but actually improve it.

            “Just leave the kid alone. Without him our team is bust!”

            “We don’t need no techie if we don’t go on missions!”

            “And who’s fault is that, Mr. I-like-pulling-pranks-then-getting-caught?” Rin pushed Edward back into his bunk.

            “Can’t say nothing about my extracurricular activities, Mrs. Teacher’s-pet,” growled Edward.

            “Oh, so now the hot shot says that pulling pranks are extracurricular activities?” Rin pulled her arms and flexed her hands in a mock fan-girl pose,” I’m so sorry, I didn’t know.”

            “Stupid tiny-tits.”




            Take mind that Edward isn’t exactly the shiniest hammer in the toolbox, but he doesn’t need to be. He’s a weapon.

The End

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