The Call

       Deeper and deeper Romulus walked, and the branches became thicker and thicker. darkness loomed ahead, but Romulus walked, walked away from the laughter, the peasantry, the evil of man. "Tssssssssk, tsssssssk," a voice rasped. Romulus stopped and raised his head. "Hello?" He said, wondering who else would be in these parts of the woods. "Is anyone there?"

       "Only the one you are destined too, only your fate," the voice hissed. "I am Evelina, goddess of tradition and fate, thrown from the thrones of Olympus by the great Zeus. I have come to you because you have not been able to go down the path that was meant for you because of your current class. Had you been born the son of a lord or other, you would easily be able to travel down this path on your own. But, sadly, you have been born a peasant."

        "I know who I am, women, and I am grateful for being the son of a gracious mother. You being a goddess, you must know what happened to my father. How he died honorably in battle for this country, and how the king of was jealous of his abilities and kept us in our class, forgetting his promise. I am proud to be his son as well."

"Do not scold me, boy. I know well where you come from and who you are. Why do you think I have come to help you?"

The End

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