Into The Woods

         Romulus was innocently walking through the Towns Square Market, thinking about how the new emperor of Greece and if he would finally allow the peasants to live under roofs. He stopped and stared hungrily at the precious pastries a few fat lords were eating. “If I had just one of those,” thought Romulus, “my whole family would be happy for a week.” He longed to be the hero a big brother of 2 little sisters and 1 baby brother without a father should be. Wondering how those lords could live with themselves, Romulus tore his eyes from the pastries and walked on. His mother had asked him to find some usable firewood, and the nearest forest was all the way across town. Wishing the gods could give him a sign of some sort, he walked out of the gates of town continuing westward to the forest. The two guards at the gate snorted at each other as Romulus walked by, and he could hear one spitting at him when his back was turned. Romulus suddenly stopped and stood there, his back on the guards. They roared with laughter. “What are you gonna do about it, little man?” cackled the first. “Run back to his mommy’s little arms, most likely,” the other howled. Romulus clenched his fists till they turned white, but then relaxed. “These guys aren’t worth it,” he thought to himself. He walked on, deeper into the forest, their laughter forever following him.

The End

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