Romp in Rome

Romp in Rome is a tale of sly young rake, named Welhem Hesse, tempted from his steady flow of work in Africa, to pull of an incredible heist, robbing the Istituto per le Opere di Religione, but finding that controlling a crack team of bank robbers is not as easy as he imagined, and that maybe not every thing is as it seems.

A woeful moan, did Welhem force from his lungs, as the curtains of his office were torn open and the morning sun flooded into the room, “You slept here all night?” asked Welhem's assistant, as Welhem forced out an affirmative grunt. “You really should go home, at some point” Said Welhem's assistant quietly, as Welhelm began to rise, and cleared his throat , suddenly much more alert; his assistant continued, “I have laid out your suit, and the car ready for you in the courtyard, you should have some breakfast,'going to be a busy day today”, as Welhem abruptly replied”Well we need to make it fast, I have an appointment with Bureh, at noon remember, and we both know that Bureh doesn't appreciate lateness ”, Thomas quickly opened his fog watch, and frowned at the time; ten thirty AM. Reached to a table behind his desk from which he grasped a bottle of cheep wine and began to swig, to the clear discontent of Thomas who taped his fog watch as he left the room at a brisk pace Wilhem sighed taking another swig of wine thinking of what could a powerful man such as Bureh could possibly want with him. As Welhem was drifting of in his thoughts, Thomas returned carrying a tray, upon which lay a full breakfast of eggs, sausages, and black pudding and a steaming hot cup of coffee, as well as a razor, bowl of water and a lather”enjoy in quickly Sir, we have little time as it is” said Thomas placing the tray upon Welhem's desk, and walking to the rear of the desk, and beginning an amazing display of skill as he shaved Wilhem as he ate. Welhem rose from his seat, and began to change in to the suit Thomas had brought for him, made of a light fabric fitting of the local weather, and slightly worn but clearly of exceptional quality as it rode perfectly over his broad shoulders, and despite his rather hungover state, one could not help but admire, the visage of such a man, tall, hansom and imposing “we should head off” stated Thomas


“Seems that today, is going to be a long one, Sir” said Thomas casually, grasping the wheel of the Merc', struggling through, the tight Freetown streets, “Hmm, yes perhaps a tad to long; do we have any idea why Bureh has summoned me?”, replied Welhem, “As much as I was told, so no I don't know” answered Thomas. The two remained quiet for the rest of the journey, Welhem massaging his temples, Thomas focusing on the narrow, winding streets, and were silent as they pulled up at the run building stepped out of the car, and were greeted by a hulking local in combat trousers and boots, who began to approach ominously, Welhem sharply stated “Good morning; I am Welhem Hesse, I'm here to see, Mr. Bureh””Mr. Bureh is up the down the hall and up the stairs to the right, sorry to delay you Mr. Hesse” replied the man in a deep and somewhat dismaying tone. The two entered the building, to find the interior, to find it surprisingly well appointed, and so climbed the stairs and stepped into the aforementioned room, to find a tall, broad yet rather stocky looking man looking man standing looking out of the window, “good morning Mr. Bureh”, said Welhem, a fine morn it is, Mr. Hesse, do you know why I have called you here?” asked Bureh, “not a clue” replied Welhem. Bureh, slowly began to turn, “Cigar” asked Bureh, “no thank you” replied Welhem, as Thomas retreated into a corner, lost in his own thoughts “suit your self; I have need of your work in something... lucrative per say” Bureh continued. “I am listening, go on” relied Welhem curiously, and Bureh , began “The Istituto per le Opere di Religione, or the Vatican Bank, It is my intention to... relocate it's funds, and you are going to help me in that” ” a bank robbery, how original, why me? I don't even speak Italian, or Latin for that mater” asked Welhem, and Bureh replied “because I can trust you, are you in, or are you out?” Welhem paused momentarily, and replied “What kind of figure are we looking at?”, “My initial bankroll stands to two million euro, you are looking at bringing in at least, eight perhaps even nine figures, I take a twenty present cut” answered Bureh, Wilhem paused, and answered with a chuckle “this sounds lucrative, but dangerous... I am... in”.


The journey home was silent, until they arrived back at there own building Thomas had parked, and the two sat in the car, “are you going to do it?” asked Thomas, ““I said I would” answered Welhem, “I didn't ask what you said, I asked whether you are going to do it?””Do I have a choice in the matter?””you have always have a choice”, the there was a pause, and Welhem responded”I don't like this one bit, and I don't want to do this... but, I have to”.

The End

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