Joni Mitchell-" Both sides"Mature

Now there is a romantic song !

Althought I am still baffled at the mention of clouds in the song.

What is that about ?

I like the fact that I can relate to the lyrics used,and feel something deep inside of me,even if it is only sorrow.

Romantic songs that are supose to talk about wht you can extract from the composer,in  lyrics or melody and what you have used it for in your personal experience.

I have really paid attention to one thing in the lyrics,

" I have seen it life both ways...",Sorry if i remenber it wrong  but I really think it goes that way.

The thing is it takes so much from us human to admit we have made a wrong turn in life,that we are stuck where we don`t want to be,with most likely not the one we care for,and even so we try and make for the most.

Admirable most would say ,I state only this life is far too short and precious to be lived with any other than the one we are in love with,all the rest is just numbers and stuff,that can be arranged,worked out.

But the presence of the one we love can make even a cheese toasty  taste like the most appetizing  meal in the  world.

I call that priorities,and knowing thyself well enough to realise some things are worth the effort....

Oh,well at least I know what I am on about.

The End

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