" Who wants to live forever " by QueenMature

I for once don`t .

Let it count ,may I for as long as I live in this particular lifetime honour God with my actions and my sons.

The rest as I see it is pretty much a case of fortune and time.And since I can`t control either do you really think I shall loose my precious time thinking about random things I hold no control over ?



But realistically there are too many factors in the world for us ,human kind to control over any small detail for as important it may see to you at the time.

Grant God its dues and allow yourself to really concern with what really matters.

Family,honour,country and ultimaly politics.

Education and health may be another two but either are some times beneath no control of yours,so ...


I actually stop listening to them for a while,but recently we celebrated his birthday,Freddy Mercury (The vocalist and lyricist ), would be celebrating 60 if alive.

And this idea of romantic songs have to recognize at least one,I mean at least one because others will think their own favourite,this is one in my eyes.

The lyrics can be quite sad,but there is such a rejoyce of wanting to live life and celebrate love in his words that still move me when I hear it.

"There is no chance for us,all it is decided for us..."


Freddy,if you believed that you wouldn`t have been who you became,an Indian man in the early 70 embracing the fact he is Gay ?

From a  hindu family non the less ?

No.You make your own path in life and you did so much more than that,you actually shinned trought it all.

Do ,you acually realise we are saying goodbye everyday to generations of gifted people who actually could write ?

And sing ?

But above all say something that I really want to hear ?

No ?

Maybe it is just me, and they get replace by Pop singers who are so green their barely know who to hire in order for their great hits to be written in english!!

Honeslty a generation of babies being guide by babies...

Oh,I can smell a diaper that needs changing,bye...



The End

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