" Lift me up" by LiveMature

So,Rac7hel says in her comment that in her there not lies a slut.True enough for some women.Not commenting on that,to each its own.

Put most woman who are sexually active and are in charge of their sexuallity are a bit more keen on being more than what they currently experience,or maybe I just listen to my friends who clearly have no idea of what Rac7hel is own about ?

These woman are in sexuall relationships that clearly have lost something.

The allure it is to be desired even after the period of discovery has gone and past.That is what "F...... her gently ",is all about.

About how we women expect unrealistic things from the men that share our lives and ultimely our beds and bodies.

This inner slut thAt wants to come out may simlply lives inside of those who have a higher sexual need,there is that better explained ?

Is that better ,for all the women who think my first chapter talked to them in a down manner ?

For that was not the intent,for me sex is a common subject that can be brought to the table if the people sitting around it can approach the subject with adult comments and witthout judgment.

Here is one thing about me that you may not know and properly couldn`t care less about knowing.

I love to be chased.

The mistery of the chase  is in the fact that this man wants you so bad he already cab taste you in his mind.He is so certain of his powers of conquering your attention ,there is no doubt in his mind of failure and that in istelf is alluring,sexy,attractive.

But in my case.sometimes it takes more than just two to tango,it takes two and something else.


I can not fuck a man I care for.That would implly making love,and that is for others .

My sexual partners are men I use (with their consent ),in a sexual way only ,no sentimental bulshit attached.

That is for romantic people.

I am not one of them.

My sex life is to be lived with everything I can extracted from every single corner of both our selfs,the rest I leave to you romantics out there.

Give men who can take what I can give.

Trust me I push everryboudery  their are confortable with or without,so far I have only improved their sexual life and in some cases matched a few exes with their current partners,so maybe there is a romantic in me after all.

I like to see people happy.

And for men and woman alike that goes throught being able to feel a good orgarsm.That is pretty much all.

By the way see the film ."Zack and Miri do a porno",it is pretty much about being in love and having no clue about how you said it to your best friend,so you fuck them isntead but how can you (?), when the heart is involved,even fucking means making love...

Well it is a very simple film ,no iden agenda with this one or difficult plot.Some will say it is too crude,others will say that is simply not their thing.But in fact it represents people that live daily in jobs they hate in order to pay bills and live with the people who matter most in their lives.

Male /female can be best friend but not for long,sex always makes a very uggly inconvinient appearance and when the cat is out of the bag,you can hide,run but you can erase the truth.

So,what is the point with "Lift  me up ",well there is on setence that says.

"We can love or we can cry..."

So choose and do it knowing all the facts before you make up your mind,sometimes taking a risk in your private life makes everything else fall into focus and life itself gets so much more clearer.

That is my point.

By the way of all the men I have fucked ,only one I made love to.

I still love him today,always will.

So what lives inside me ?

A romantic that today fucks those she couldn`t care less for ?

Or ?

Do I settle for  less because I lost too much ?


I make my choices in life,and today because I finally enjoy my sexual life I am in control and it is something I only relinguish of with men that are better than me in and out of bed,so far I only met one of those ,funny enough he is the father of my children.

Isn`t life  hilarious sometimes ?

I think it is.

But that is just me.I am sure others think differently ...


The End

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