Romatic songsMature

Here I was thinking about something completly innocent and this come out.
Oh,well.What has a girl to do ?

If life stop to exist today I would have to state a few of my favourite romantic songs before I expire.Just because!

So,Tenacious D "F....  her gently!",disregard the lyrics(well not all of them,but the swearing terms!),and just listen to the message from Jack...

And pay attention boys and men because Jack knows what he is talking about.

At least this woman thinks he does!!!!

Do men pay any attention to women at all except when you know ???

Yeah,when .....Well if I continue to add more ....This will soon be a very short story !!

Sex sells.

It is a fact we want to read about it,know who is doing what ,whow ,when,how many times and so on..

Get the drift ?

So,my thing about romantic songs really are about sex songs.

Because romance leads only to ....Sex.

Face it  ladies we think of sex on an avarage amount has much as men if not more!

Come on don`t give me that headshake saying no to  me.

Sister,you do.

Maybe you pretent to be this very demure woman in public but as soon as that door to society is closed the slut appears and oh,man thus she appears.

But  the  garter belts and all the black shockings in the world will not make you more sexy if your heart is not into it.

So,let the good woman locked with the daily clothes in the closet and let your hedonist out and have fun,be safe sexual wise but honey : enjoy sex for all it as to give you.

Learn that a sexual life doesn`t have to be a duty but instead bring laughter into the bedroom and please have sex outside your bedroom ,in fact strike a bed for the next forseeable future,the kitchen table is a good place to start as anywhere else that is all I am saying.

In fact open yourselfs to new experiences and maybe just maybe you will find something I have know for a long time,even the uggliest most unattractive man can give you an orgasm.

Because you feel like a queen they treat you like a godess and learn to be vocal,man can read your mind,no -one can!

But this was about a list of my romantic songs and it turned into a sex advice column.Well !!!

It was still fun.  :)

 I was also ask to add this much to the first chapter :some women,you know you are ...:)


The End

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