Romantic Night With Niall


"Love, I have a suprise but I can't get it ready until you leave..." Niall whispers in you ear.

"Ok babe, but it better be good, walking down the street alone on Valentines day isn't very fun." you whisper back.

You get up, grab your stuff and head out the door, on the front stoop Niall kisses you on the forehead and tells you to  come back when he calls you. You walk down the street in silence. About 2 hours later Niall calls you.

"It's about time! My fingers are about to fall off!" You yell into the phone.

"Sorry babe, come home... Oh! And take a taxi I'll pay." He swiftly talks into the phone, you remember when you met. And when fangirl love became real love, and he loved you too...

You call a taxi and it takes you home, the radio is playing romantic music.

"So, you going to meet your boyfriend?" The taxi man says intregingly.

"Yeah... He made me a suprise I guess." You say as you think and feel uncomfortable.

You dive up to the flat, Niall is standing there will roses,

"Come inside love, There's a fire." He says.

You drift inside, Nando's is sitting on the table with a rose, the fire is burning and inside the DVD player is "Sleepless In Seattle". You sit down at the table, Niall pours you some fancy wine and you toast to the best vanlentines day ever. After you eat you cuddle on the sofa and watch the movie, in the backround you hear the fire crackle.

"I love you" Niall whispers in you ear, so bury your head into him.

"I love you too."  

The End

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