Their Names Were...

"You're insane for doing this, you know?" It was probably Riley talking, but I didn't know, I was starting at myself in the mirror.

"I have to agree with Mr. Riley, sir. You look like a complete and utter prat. A rich one too, if I may add," Well, it was comforting to know that Daniela agreed with Riley.

Pulling on the tie of my suit, I found it hard to breath. I hated wearing suits, especially to please my father.

Tugging even hard on the tie, I sighed before taking once last glance at myself in the mirror before leaving for the Savory's Ball. I wore a simple, but cliché black suit, with a sliver silk bowtie that was strangling me. "You're dressed to impress..." I muttered under my breath before closing the door of my bedroom, leaving with Daniela and Riley.

The room was filled with politicians, celebrities, and people who've made a name for themselves, either in the spotlight or behind the curtains.

I stood near a group of businessmen and their wives and husbands. The topic of their conversation was of course boring or something I already knew too well and didn't care about, but I was forced to stay by Riley's side for the entire evening.

"...And this is Catherine Finn. I think she worked with your father on several projects." My cousin said, grinning. I watched him send a questionable look at the curvy, older women who dismissed him with a haughty look. Riley was always so forward with women.

I looked at the woman wearing a violet dress, taking in the memories.

Miss Finn was an old friend of my mother's, but became distant after her death or so Daniela told me. It only seemed natural though; Daniela always said that the woman didn't tolerate my father or others he was acquainted with. But that didn't stop her from doing business with him, amazingly.

The woman was probably only a few years younger than my maid. She had the strangest, deepest shade of red hair I have ever seen that was neatly brushed into simple waves. But what was unique about her were her dark green eyes. The delicate orbs of green and blood red hair made her seem younger then she really was.

"Ethan Kenneth Marks. I haven't seen you for quite some time," She greeted in a velvet tone; smooth, but classy.

Miss Finn approached when she shot down Riley with a young girl holding onto her hand. I must have looked at tad awestruck as she greeted me; I was a bit amazed that she knew who I was after all these years.

"Don't leave your mouth open like that, you'll catch flies." Catherine tenderly mocked me.

Shaking my head with slight embarrassment finding its way to my face, I said, "Miss Finn, it's nice to see you again."

"Ha, please Ethan. I'm no longer Miss Finn, its Mrs. Henry now."  That explained the little girl...

"Ah...forgive me, Mrs. Henry."

Smiling with pure sweetness, she said, "Come, I need an escort and you're perfect for the job," Why me, Riley would be- "Besides, you're cousin is too cheap for my tastes."

I had to admit, she had a point...

I allowed her to take my arm with her pale limb and daughter kept her pace behind us as we walked around the ballroom. Meeting and greeting people I wasn't acquainted with, but now was.

I made fine date, if I may so.

"This is Steven Brooks. He worked with my husband for time when he was first starting out." Mrs. Henry had introduced to a man with brown hair that was close grey and strange emerald eyes. Though, at first glance he looked like the kindest of men in the room, but he was a businessman. And I know how businessmen are like...

His voice was a bit gruff, but his words came out quite sweetly, "Miss Finn-Oh, forgive me. Mrs. Henry-It's very nice to see you tonight. You look rather lovely too."

Almost like the cliché gentlemen I heard girls fawn over in history class, he took Mrs. Henry's hand and kissed it pleasantly, but quickly. Not to cause any awkwardness I suppose. "Oh, stop with the formalities, you're practically part of my family!" I hadn't seen her sound so giddy the entire night.

Laughing, he replied, "Yes, yes, as you wish, Catherine," He turned me and curiosity filled his eyes, "And who might this be?"

As though she was embarrassed, she giggled and presented me. "My escort for the night: Ethan, Marks' son.

Looking at him, I gave a pleasant smile. "I didn't know he had children."

"Yes, he's Elaine's son."

"I see..." He frowned, but it disappeared with quickly with a forced grin,

You know that feeling something is going to happen and you're not sure when. Yeah, I just got that.

The End

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