Appointments Made

I freaked him out, big time. He backed away, astounded, thinking I'd mistaken him for someone else. Boys. Then I explained to him, saying I needed a tutor and he was the one. I didn't give him time to disagree, I really needed one and I'd found him! Ethan K. Marks. Taking hold of his hand, I dragged him out the cafeteria, ignoring the fact that he must be thinking I'm a lunatic and the fact that his shirt was ruined and that he'd be bothered by that.

The moment we entered the library, I marched us off so we were in between two bookcases and so that no one can see us.

"What-what are you doing?" He stuttered, annoyed.

"We need to make an appointment for our tutor-student meet up."

"Whoa. Let's backtrack, shall we? I don't even know you. Besides, I've got my own work to do."

"Like what? Get more A+'s? Please. I know that you pass every subject in a milli second and that everything is way too easy for you. You probably don't have any work to do but now you can pass on your knowledge to me, your disciple."

I'm not one to plead, really. But I was desperate and I needed Ethan.

"Ethan, please. I really need to pass a few subjects before my dad snaps. He's on the verge of bursting."

I think something finally clicked in Ethan cause the annoyance in his eyes disappeared, replaced with defeat.

"Fine, afterschool, the day after in the library. Till four. Alright?"

I did a little hop in joy. Ethan looked confused, weather to be flattered or annoyed by this little gesture.



The ring  of the bells indicated the end of the school day. I gathered my things up, and went out the school door with a friend by my side; Stephenie Wilson the tomboy. We were both talking about sports; the normal between us, when Stephenie stopped in her tracks and her jaw dropped.

"Steph?" I moved one hand in front of her face and she stayed the same. I snapped my finger and she finally looked at me.

"What's giong on?" I asked her when she turned around and stared at me.

"Jason Crowe."


"To the left you dimwit," she whispered.

I turned around and looked at who she'd been gawking at and got the shock of my life. Jason Crowe, was grinning up at me from his black Mercedez Benz. What the hell was he doing here?

"Is he looking at you?" She whispered.

"Uh-huh. We'd met before. I gotta go, bye."

I walked slowly towards him, not knowing weather to ignore him and keep walking or talk to him. I couldn't believe that Stephenie Wilson, had looked at him like that. I mean, she never looked at guys like that. She looked at guys like, "Heyy dude, what's up?" But not like oh-my-god. He's hott. That is so not Stephenie. What was it about Jason Crowe that made girls fall for him? Well, I guess I was going to figure that out quite soon knowing that I was going to face him, sooner or later.

The End

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