Crazy Person

My day just got a whole lot stranger. Or worse; who knows, maybe both... I spent yesterday outside, away from my father for very obvious reasons. I'm not proud, but it seemed my father didn't notice my absence. Apparently, invisibility has its uses...Why does that sound completely and utterly pathetic? I hoped school would fix my little depressed aura even though that sounds incredibly dorky, I enjoy school. Not that I liked the actual work (it was too easy), but I enjoyed the ability to socialize with people outside my...How shall I put it? Oh, area of despair.

Breathing deeply as I exited the classroom before anyone else. The bell hadn't ringed yet, but this was normal for me. I usually finished earlier than most people when it came to school work, though this case was a little different. Unlike 95% of my class, I actually hand in my work on time and actually put an effort in...Okay, I will admit that is undeniably nerdy, but I have priorities. And by priorities, I actually mean the wraith of father. God, I'm spineless...

Reaching a series of lockers, I turned to mine to put in the combination, but instead I had the wind knocked out of me. I fell to the ground along with my bag and books. Looking up in pain, I found Brandon, smiling toothily at me. "I hate you..." Was all I could manage as rubbed my pained head. Even though I consider Brandon a friend, he was seriously the most annoying prankster known to man. What made it worse was that he simply loved to prank his friends, which sadly included me.

I held up my hand for him and he took it swiftly; I was back on my feet in mere seconds. "Was that needed?" I almost grumbled it, but my only reply was Brandon's mischievous grin. And it was that grin! Oh lord, here we go again... "Ethan-buddy!-did you finish your biology homework?" He asked pleadingly. Brandon was a bloody slacker and he enjoyed skipping class too, which is likely why he's here.

Brandon mooched people and he embraced it when it came to biology. And he was still giving me that failure of a puppy dog eyes look...I sighed and handed him my notebook. He snatched it from my fingers immediately and it was snatched back just as quickly.

Ashley stood there, eyebrows frowning and a stern look across her porcelain skin. How Brandon and Ash were related was beyond me. Who knows maybe their parents found them in a ditch somewhere and thought they were twins; I could see that happening.

"You numb skull! If you want to pass biology then actually do the work!" She barked madly at her bother. I think she was the dominant one of the twins, yup, defiantly the dominant one. Their argument continued until the bell rang, irritating my ears. Despite the loud noise, I silently hoped that the bell would silence the two arguing. I was wrong, as always.

"Come on, you two. It's lunch time." I said and walked away.


Oh glorious, the cafeteria was packed.  The sounds of constant chatter and plates moving gave me a nasty headache, but it seems it didn't affect Ash and Brandon at all. Well, their need to yell and holler at each other was probably louder than the cafeteria. I quickly grabbed my lunch and made my way to a table. At least I tried to find one; it seems that every table was full or moderately full with a clique and people I did not know and/or never wanted to converse with.

I grumbled, obviously frustrated. Ashley and Brandon already found a table without me, but it was to be expected. The two had a better time around people then I did, and besides it was custom for us. I would leave the cafeteria and eat lunch somewhere else, while the other two spent lunch with others. It's how we worked, and it worked rather well, I suppose.

About to leave, a girl walked straight into me like she was walking into a wall. My food instantly crashed into my chest, completely destroying my white buttoned shirt. And I really, really liked that shirt! "I'm so sorry," She said and grabbed napkins to clean up the mess. Although she tried to get the mess of my shirt, it only made it worse!

"It's alright." I was unsure if my anger leaked into my words, but I really didn't care at the moment. She should have seen where she was going. I should have seen where I was going...

The brunette turned upward, gazing into my eyes as I gazed back. Her eyes...were rather dazzling somehow and I found myself staring blankly into her interesting orbs. But it was her strange remark that brought me too my senses, "I've finally found you." She whispered it with the intent of me not hearing it, I think. But I heard it nonetheless...and to a teenage boy, that sounded rather...awkward and questionable.

Without thinking, I backed up a bit and murmured back a reply, "I think're confusing me someone else."

Did I just say that? Why did that sound so incredibly idiotic and dense and any other word that was the definition of stupidity!  I believe she thought the same thing also because the minute I said it, she scowled at me with a strange glint in her eyes.

She took a step forward and her words came out of her mouth with an almost ‘killing' tone, "No, I think you're mistaken. You're the one, I've been looking for." Well, I didn't know this school had crazy people also. Go figure.

I put my hands up as if trying to surrender and my expression was a bit like fear. "I think you have the wrong guy," I backed up a little more. "Now, do you mind? I need to wash my-" The determination and fierceness flared in her eyes stopped me from speaking and she quickly took over the conversation. "You're Ethan K. Marks right? The guy who gets really good grades? The smart guy?" What? Have I been dubbed the "the guy who gets really good grades" and "the smart guy"? Should I be insulted or flattered, I wonder.  

I swallowed and regretted my reply, "Yes." A grin came to her face and her tone became lighter and sweeter. It almost seemed to be fake somehow, "I...I'm Lynette Brooks. And I've wanted to talk to you for a while." Yup, crazy person, "I sort of need your help in something."

Oh this is going to be good. Against my better judgment I asked why. "Well, I need a tutor and you're the guy for the job." Wait...what the-"Congrats, you're my new tutor. You should be proud."

Okay, seriously, what just happened?!

The End

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