"I've Finally Found You"

Jason and I played for a long time together, at first I found it quite distracted because of his eyes. I had lost the first game, and the second. Jason Crowe, who introduced himself in the beginning, was smirking all the way through.

“If I’d known I was going to be playing against you, I wouldn’t have come today.”

That ticked me off. I couldn’t suck that much, I mean the only reason why I couldn’t actually play well was because of him. But I couldn’t tell him that his eyes were captivating; cause that would just sound cheesy and cheesy does not equal Lynette Brooks.

Hell! Missed another one of his shots! I walked over to get the ball and heard him say from across the court, “You’ve gotta admit, you suck.”

Ok, now I was really pisst off. The only reason I started talking to him was because I thought he’d be decent enough to play with and now he’s insulting me. Lynette, what’d you get yourself into?!

“I don’t suck.” I hissed turning around. “I’m just out of it.”

“Face it Lynette, tennis doesn’t help the uncoordinated.”

Man! Male egos!!!


“Oh yeah? Prove it,” he said with a smirk.

“Alright fine. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.”

Picking up the tennis ball, I tossed into the air and hit it with the greatest force I could make, hoping to prove to that egoistic Jason that I really wasn’t a sucker in tennis.


Closing my locker, I shifted the weight of my bag to my left shoulder. Seriously, my bag was getting filled with weight because of all the stupid textbooks I had to study from. Not to mention the fact that my dad asked the teachers to give me extra resources so that I could finally pass something. My arm muscles ached too, the tennis game with Jason had really taken it out of me.

In the end, we’d left it off as a tie, since both of us had to leave; him to dinner in one of his family friend’s house and me, just back home.


“You know, that was a good game. I would’ve beat you if it had went on though.”

“Keep dreaming,” I muttered, as he followed me. “What is up with you and your ego? Honestly, it’s giving me a great headache.”

“Thanks, lots of people tell me they enjoy my egocentric jokes. You’re just another one in the list.”

“Oh, how sad,” I said turning around and patting him on his shoulder, “there’s a whole list?”

Then with a snort, I started walking away. We were outside the sports club by now and I just wanted to get home before my dad cracked. That’s when I felt Jason wrap his hand around my arm and twirl me back to him so I bumped right into his chest. I stared up at him, straight into his perfect emerald green eyes.

“I’m not that bad of a guy, Lynette. You’ll see with the coming time.”

“You mean we’re going to meet again?” I whispered in a voice that barely sounded like mine, weak under the intense gaze of his eyes.

“Yes, you’ll see me tomorrow. I won’t say when, but you’ll see me.”

Then he leaned forward towards me, and I thought he was going to kiss me but instead he moved so his lips were right next to my ear.

“I promise.”

Then letting go of me, he walked away, turning one time to wink at me. I blinked after him a couple of times before running back home, crashing into my room, and panting for breath.



With a sigh, I walked into the cool A/C filled room of the cafeteria and walked smack into someone. The guy’s food, toppled all over his clean white buttoned shirt, making it look completely disgusting; with spaghetti sauce, milk, and chocolate cake all in one.

“I’m so sorry,” I said, picking tissues from a nearby counter and dabbing at the guys shirt with them, to try and take off whatever I could; but only managed to make it worse with the smudging.

“It’s alright.”

I looked up into his bluish grey eyes and at that moment, I knew…I knew he was going to be the one. Then I muttered something that probably made no sense to him but made all the sense in the world to me.

“I’ve finally found you.”

The End

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