Meeting the Enemy

My head was aching when I stiffly moved from the comfort of the bed. It wasn't as if I was Riley, who had champagne habits. No, it was more of pain in the neck kind of headache. Father looked completely furious when yelling at Riley and I for two reason apparently, 1) I had failed to attend the lunch and 2) Riley had made a fool of himself, but it's unlikely the female guests thought so...Oh, that cousin of mine...  I believe father's yelling went farther than that, but Riley passed out as I made a sprint for my bedroom, dinner in hand. Now here I am, the next morning, barely out of bed with a killer headache. Oh joy.

A yawn escaped me as I leisurely stood under the mildly cold water of the shower. I would have jumped or yelped when the water came in contact with my skin, but I honestly wasn't affected by it. I prefer the cold, especially in this heat. Oh did I mention it was hot out, like really, really hot? Yeah, the weather wasn't exactly to my liking, or as Daniela would say: "You're a penguin, you prefer the cold." Daniela had picked up a habit of labeling people with an animal; I, apparently, am flightless bird. Either she's trying to say something or insulting me, knowing Daniela, she's doing both...

I quickly dried myself off and dressed, before going downstairs to hear voices. "Oh, Jason dear, you're always so charming." Hah! Jason was here, and it also seems my stepmother took the liberty of socializing with him. "Well, Mrs. Marks, you're always a hospitable host." Bootlicker...

My stepmother caught sight of me when I was about to leave the house, "Ethan, dear! You're awake!" I turned to look at the woman with dark brown hair, blue eyes, a thin frame and face plastered with makeup, not much, but still pleasant looking. Sarah always did what she could to look her best, either it was for father or for her need to be younger and prettier, I could never tell. "Honey, look who it is: Jason came for a visit." Wasn't he here just yesterday? Not that it would matter, nowadays he practically lived here.

Our eyes clashed; his olive green eyes against my blue-grey orbs. A smirked found its way across his face, while a frown came across my own. "Hello, Ethan..." I didn't answer; the tone of his voice would have made any teenage boy back off and intimidated, but I knew better then to surrender to his predatory behavior.

The room was silent for a moment, the only nose were the insulting thoughts floating insider our minds, but Jason being Jason, decided to stop our soundless battle, "Well, I must be going. I plan to spend my day at the club." Sarah smiled genuinely pleased with him for whatever reason, I did not know. He grinned roguishly at me as if trying to say something before leaving. Why that cocky little-"Oh, Ethan, you're father wants to see you in his study. I think it has something about you being a pre-med."

My life just isn't getting better, is it?

The End

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