Captivating Eyes

I wasn't in quite a good mood after everything that had just happened with dad. Not exactly in the "happy doo-doo" mood. I just had to get out of the house; couldn't stand being inside this prison. So I did a prison break, if it counts as one when I walked out the front door telling my dad I was going to a nearby sports club.

Once I walked out the door, my face was hit with a blazing heat that made me want to crawl back into my room. It was hot! And I defenitely did not want to do anything outdoors when it was this frickin hot. But I held my head high and kept walking; no way in hell was I going back inside to face my dad's anger.

That's how I found myself doing "prison break", heading to a sports club, in the blazing heat of the day knowing that just maybe today, I might be getting my first heat stroke.


When I entered the club, I was quite unhappy that it was completely abandoned. There was completely no one in my sight. But at the same time I was quite satisfied. No one would have booked the indoor tennis courts. After booking one of the courts to myself, I went inside the cool A/C room thinking that I was going to just practice solo but to my complete surprise, found someone there.

The guy was playing squash against the wall and hadn't noticed me come in. He was taller then me by like one head and a bit muscular too. His bangs kept falling into his eyes and he didn't bother sweeping them back; not to mention his jet black hair which seemed like it was beaded with sweat. I have to say that he would be considered "sexy and hot" in the view of a teenage girl but to my eyes, he was just another guy.

I cleared my throat and he stopped playing, catching the ball in his hands when it bounced back to him. His olive green eyes found mine and I gasped. Believe me, I don't go crazy about a guy's eyes but his eyes were...captivating. I've never felt this way before about a guys eyes but his were really...really...

I snapped out of my weird thoughts and really looked at him this time. A smile was playing on his lips; maybe because of the gasp I'd given because of his beautiful eyes...*sigh*. Hell! I would've palm faced myself right then and there for my sudden change in thoughts [again] but instead I just gave him a small smile.

Pointing my tennis racket at him, I said, "You up for game?"

The End

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