Not Exactly Ingenious

Linkin Park’s music boomed in my ears as I bobbed my head back and forth to the screamos I was listening to. I barely heard it when he kicked the door open, and barged into my room, yelling at me all the while. But I did hear it when he grabbed my headphones and threw it, sending it flying through the air. I stared after it, and watched as it landed on the ground.

I reverted my cold eyes from the ground to my father’s livid face. “What the hell is your problem?”

“This is!” He yelled and then stuffed a paper in front of my face.

It had a big fat F written across it with my name on the side, and I didn’t care less about it.

“If that’s the problem then why did you throw my headphones?”

“Who cares about your stupid headphones?! Why are you getting F’s?! This is the second time!”

“Not that many really, just wait I’ll get you some more,” I muttered.

My father yelled in frustration and started walking out but just before he set his foot one step beyond the door I stopped him.

“Father,” I hissed. He turned back, his face still furiously red. “Pick it up,” I ordered.


“I said, pick my headphones up. Get down and pick it up.”

“Are you telling me to pick your headphones up?”

“You threw them so you are the one to return them in my hands, so pick it up already, and give it to me.”

If there was any possible way for his face to get any worse then it already was, it just did. He crouched down, grabbed the headphones and pushed them into my hand.

Then glaring at me, he said, “Find a tutor and raise your grades. I don’t want you getting anything lower then a C after this.”

I rolled my eyes and sat back down my bed, adjusting the headphones.

“Incase you haven’t noticed, father, I’m not exactly the genius in every crowd. And it’ll take me more then an eon to become one. So keep dreaming.”

Then I popped my headphones back on and continued my routine. But I knew that I had to do what he had told me, I could never leave one of his order’s hanging in the air, unfinished. But that can happen later? It’s not like there’s a genius out there, waiting for me to find them, right?

The End

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