Ethan's Study

I let out a tired yawn as I placed a book back into place and took another from the shelf. "A couple more pages and I'll be done with this essay." I told myself unsurely, but I knew very well it was pointless rushing now. A teenager-a normal teenager-would wait until later to start this essay, but no! I had to finish this now, or be off track with my physics project which I'm guessing most of my class hadn't started yet...

I had spent my Saturday in my study again, though the day wasn't over just yet, I was in no mood to move an inch especially while I'm working relentlessly, not yielding to the fact that Saturday was my favorite day of the week; no work on Saturday. It was practically a universal to teens everywhere, and I still convinced myself it would be better to work than to laze around, mindlessly watching television like most teenagers or spending  my time in a suit and tie, socializing.  

My fingers trailed the spine of the book for a moment as I listened to the laughter from outside. Father had thrown another lunch for his business associates and their families. Of course, I avoided that event, telling father's associates that I would study instead of join them for lunch. They laughed, and said something about how I work to hard or that their children should be more like me, but I doubt they meant. The real reason was that I avoiding my father and that guy.

It was pathetic hiding, but it was better than pouting and staring at my father show off his pride and joy, or should I call him is not-actual-son? Whatever he was, I didn't care. Not now, at least. I was studying to make sure I have a future, and hopefully that guy will be the one pouting and staring then...

Back to the books then; at least it's a familiar place than anywhere else in this house. Maybe I'll find something comforting in Greek mythology. And I opened the book slowly, feeling the hard cover with my thin fingers and my eyes darting to the first words on the page in search of some knowledge.

"I hope you're not going to spend your time reading." I looked up to find my cousin, Riley, standing in the doorway, smirking mischievously. Red hair and freckles, I found him annoying when he smirked, it didn't fit his appearance. "Yes, I am. Go away."

He frowned, kept silent for a moment, watching me read before speaking, "I hope you have a good reason for spending your time up here." I almost snorted; I thought my reason was obvious. "Yes, but isn't that obvious? I'm busy; now go bother some of the other girls outside. They'll just love you."  Riley frown deepened, but he left...and he would be back. He always did that, come check on me with his useless comments then leave, and come back again. I think he thought I was lonely up here in my study, working.

Who knows? Maybe, I am, but I had my studies and that was enough.

The End

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