Author Note: The End? Not So Much..

To our dearest readers,


This is going to be the final page of the story, at least for now. Aria and I have decided to do a re-write, which means starting all the way from the beginning. From the moment Ethan and Lynette meet, to when she starts to fall for Jason Crowe, to the little lip-biting action in the most recent chapter. Every little piece of this story is going to be re-written again.

This is mainly because of the fact that Aria and I both started writing R.E.B.B. back in 2010, and took a lot of breaks in between of posting the chapters - leading to very inconsistent writing styles and such. 

Do not fret though, the rewrite is being planned. And hopefully, if things go as planned, the first chapter will be up by July 1st of 2013 (three years from when it originally started)! 

Aria and I both hope you enjoyed the story though! Do feel free to read through it and drop comments, we love getting feedback from our readers. But beware, my dear Protagonizers. 

The going to be...EPIC. 

Anywho, we hope to see you around for the next 'edition' of R.E.B.B! 


With love, fudge and some Ethan-Lyn romance, 

Aria and Trish 


The End

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