The Girlfriend

Lynette smelt nice.

You don't really notice that, do you? How nice a girl smells? By the way she walked and talked, she reminded me of a field in summer, dirt roads and a crisp scent air in the air, and not...well not roses and lavender.

And her eyes. She had really amazing eyes, expect they looked a lot prettier when they were wide and alert, like when Lynette was angry or ten seconds away from screaming at me. Seeing her pissed was never a pleasant experience. And yet, I couldn't help but picture her frowning face, lips pinched slightly – withholding a few unpleasant words – and ready to pounce, whether figuratively or not.

I said something, but I don't remember what as she was looking at me, a slight, but easy smile on her face. And I was staring right back at her.

Did she always have those two freckles on her nose? And the one by her eye? I liked it. Never mind her lips and her eyes, her freckles were....something. They were really something.

When she got closer and my eyes continued to search her face, it was then when she snapped her head away, finding something amiss in the distance. I shook myself away from whatever trance I pulled myself into, and followed her eyes.



This was....unexpected, to say the least.

Lynette muttered a curse, and turned away, darting back into her bedroom and out the door faster than I had time to stop glaring at Jason's approaching figure. Not him, I thought, anyone but him. Whatever her boyfriend had come here to do or say, I didn't care, but I still found myself following her, half-jogging behind her quick steps.

The twisting halls and many rooms were barely a challenge to navigate through, and soon we were down the stairs and in the foyer. The door bell rang, the sound echoing behind the click of Lynette's shoes. I saw Alexis poke her head out of the kitchen. “Who's at the door?” she asked, but Lyn ignored her and ran to the door.

I found myself standing still once she reached it.

She opens it wide enough for him to see me and for me to see him in an instant. Jason didn't even look down at Lynette; his jaw just went rigid and his eyes narrowed ever so slightly. I only shoved my hands into the pockets of my pants, arching a brow carelessly.

What's he doing here?” He practically growled. I wanted to laugh.

He still didn't look down at Lynette as she blabbered her words. She was nervous, I realized. Somehow I didn't like it how quickly he made her nervous.“He's...Um, Ethan's my friend. I invited him over for the day.”

By how cuddly you two were on the balcony, he sure doesn't look at you as a “friend.””

Cuddly? Now that was funny – It was the complete opposite of what was happening!

Alexis suddenly popped up behind me, a cookie in her mouth and another glass of wine in her hand. “Balcony? There was a balcony scene? When did this happen? Did I miss anything?” Oh God, she was drunk, wasn't she?

No, but apparently I am,” Jason's gaze shifted to Lynette – finally – but I couldn't see her face, “or am I?” he asked.

For a moment she didn't say anything. I heard Alexis give very animated, very excited “Oooooh” behind me, but I could smell the wine a mile away so I chose to ignore it. And the smell. A drunk sister was the least of my worries right then and there.

Look, Ethan's my friend, Jason! And I honestly don't get what the hell is wrong with you two, but – ”

But what?” he yelled.”You were about to kiss him!”

Alexis choked on her cookie while I nearly engulfed a mouthful of spit and my own tongue.“What?!” We both chorused, although, granted, Alexis was more vocal about it. Was he visually challenged or just stupid?

Soon Lynette was yelling right back at him and for once, her furious face wasn't meant for me. “Are you insane, Jason? I don't kiss my friends. Last time I checked, you're my boyfriend!”


That's right. He was. Jason Crowe was her boyfriend. Big Bad Crowe was her boyfriend, and Lynette verbalizing it made it so much more real. What did she even see in that guy? There are only a couple of things worse than a boot kisser like Jason, and most of those things you don't typically come by unless fate, the world, and the entire universe deiced you needed to go through a few jumping obstacles before sanity was ripped right out of you, your fingernails and crushed hopes nailed to it, and misfortune laughing in your face.

Really?” Jason snapped. “Because that's why I came down here. To see MY girlfriend, considering you wouldn't pick the damn phone all day!”

Well, I'm sorry then! I must've left it in my bag. Why are you even angry?! I'm allowed to hang around with my friends.”

Well, you didn't say one of your friends was Ethan Freaking Marks!”

I scoffed. His eyes snapped to me, and I couldn't help but sneer at him. “You really stuck up, you know?” I said.

You're one to talk.” He snorted. “Why don't you wander off, considering you're not wanted here? I need to talk to my girlfriend if you hadn't noticed and your face is horribly distracting.”

My, my, my girlfriend. Possessive little bastard, isn't he?

I didn't need this. I came here to see Lynette and I end up with a face full of THAT. I couldn't help myself when it came to talking about Jason – and look how that turned out! – but seeing his face made my blood boil. He's that kind of person who's very presence just throws you off. Everyone has a person like that, being the big, black smudge on your day or life in general.

But I didn't want to upset Lynette, but I had to leave. No girlfriend wanted to see her guy get his face bashed in and I kind of liked having Lyn as my friend, you know? So I took a deep breath, swallowed down my pride, and moved for the door.

It took everything in my power to keep from charging him.

You know, I think you're right, Jason. I should go.” Lynette's head snapped towards me, but I didn't bother to look at her. “Have a nice day then, jerk off.”

He scoffed again, as he let me passed him, barely brushing against shoulders. I was half way down the front door steps, when Lynette called back at me, but I left her go unanswered. Not today; I thought. I'm not dealing with Jason today. Just not today.

A red truck drove off and I doubted I'd be making any house calls for some time.

The End

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