Unintentional But New

Childish delight had always been a part of my nature. But the sudden wave that washed over me was unexpected. I knew that it was an attempt to escape from the drastic change of atmosphere that had taken place when Ethan and I started talking about his mom. Yet I couldn't suppress the urge and ended up running back into the house, stealing Alexis' chips, then running off in the direction of my room.

As I ascended the stairs, I noticed Ethan walk blankly back in, a confused expression on his face as he surveyed the chaos that he'd been pushed into. I waved at him madly and he released a sigh, rolling his eyes to himself as he followed me slowly.

Grabbing hold of his hand once he was within a good distance, I forcefully raced him up towards my room. I knew that my craziness had temporarily washed away that awkward environment that had been created just a few moments ago. But if I kept it long enough, it wouldn't come back for a while which is just what I needed.

"Lynette, what are you-"

"I'm taking you to my room. I think you might like it."

Ethan frowned in confusion. "Haven't I seen it before?"

I didn't pause and didn't answer the question either but instead continued my effort of dragging him towards my room. Nothing he would say could possibly get him out of this and it's a good thing Ethan knew that because he didn't stop me.

Once we neared the end of the hallway, I turned in the direction of my room and leaned against the door. "You ready?" I asked with a grin. Ethan rolled his eyes and muttered, "I saw it that night, but okay."

"It's not my room that I'm emphasising on but the view it provides," I said, then swung it open. My room isn't that big, fairly medium-sized.  To the right is my working desk, on top of it sits my baby laptop which I adore. My bed is propped to the right, comfy looking and rather spacious. But straight ahead were the glass doors that opened up to the balcony.

Tugging lightly on his finger, I urged him to follow me in the direction of the balcony and he did. My hands curled around the handles, pulling the doors open on either side of me and we stepped out.

The gasp which I received from Ethan was satisfying. The view is quite magnificent as the whole estate of the Brooks' could be seen from my room. The swimming pool on the side, and the various gardens shining in all their beauty as the sun shone down on them.

Smiling, I looked at Ethan and asked, "What do you think?"

I felt him squeeze my hand lightly and looked down at me, the calm blue depths of his eyes causing my heart to skip a beat.

"It's beautiful," he whispered, his voice low and its effect causing my heart to pound furiously against my chest.

I could feel the blood rush up to my cheeks, as if he'd complimented me instead of the view. Unintentionally, my gaze moved down to his lips and  I found myself leaning into him, my hand tracing patterns on his palm.

It was in that second that another figure darted into view from the corner of my eye. Turning my head the slightest bit, I looked down on the person that was watching us from the land below.


The End

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