You know how it feels to take the helping hand of your one and only enemy who you'd rather not see till the grave? Not that good really. Especially when that enemy is Ethan Kenneth Marks.  

When I saw him standing in front of me with his hand stretched out, I couldn't help but feel a little brainwashed. My mind was completely in silence for a while as I contemplated on what to do. Take it or not? He grinned at me a little before putting his hand out a little further. Ah well, my opportunity for vengeance wouldn't pass quite yet. I had time.

I started dusting my gown as it looked so ancient and tattered thanks to my grand fall right when the front door opened and I heard Alexis gasp, "Lynette," in a very surprised manner. This was partly her fault after all but this didn't feel like the right moment for me to let my temper out on her.

I stood up straight and limped forward but another piercing pain surged through my leg. Wincing, I took hold of Ethan strongly as my support and smiled sweetly at Alexis.

"Hi Alexis. I was just welcoming our guests and since I was happy to see Ethan, I decided to give him a great. Big. Hug."

Then before he could stop me or push me away or do anything "Ethan-like" so as to avoid the pain that would follow, I wrapped my hands around his waist and gave him the most torturous, bone-crackling bear hug I could ever give. And to think of it, I think I even heard a small bone crack inside him. Ah well, that's enough for now. I sighed happily and released him, stepping back carefully but not letting go of my firm clutch on his arm. Grinning, I said warmly, "Now why don't you all come in?"

I let everyone pass through first, smiling widely at Mr. Marks who smiled back and a red-haired boy who winked at me before starting some conversation with Alexis. Ethan and I were the last to go in and I looked up at him, an evil glint in my eyes.

“Are you planning to murder me tonight?” He whispered to me as we entered my house.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to be the death of you. Well, not until your lessons come to an end anyways.”

His grimace only made me feel even happier. Oh I’m such a sadist.

“Lynette, can you come over to the kitchen for a second?” I heard Alex call me but in the state my foot was in, I knew that would be difficult considering the kitchen was a mile off. It was sometimes annoying to live in a castle-like house.

“Sorry Alex, I think I broke my foot. I’m not able to walk now!” I yelled back.

“I could help fix it.” I looked up at the same red-haired guy in front of me who grinned a little too much. Why did I have the feeling that this guy was trouble?

“And who might this be Ethan?” I smiled kindly at the punk in front of me while tightening my clutch on Ethan’s waist.

“That’s – that’s my cousin Riley,” he said back, a little breathless.

“Pleasure finally meeting you. Ethan’s told me so much about you; but he didn’t include the fact that you’d be this charming,” the little twerp said, taking hold of my hand. If it weren’t for the fact that Ethan’s father was standing a few feet away and conversing with my father, I would’ve smacked Riley on the face.

“Well, I bet Ethan didn’t tell you how much of a little devil I could be,” I said with a laugh but trying to put the message across that this guy was messing with the wrong girl.

“Ah that can’t be true.”

“You have no idea,” Ethan muttered and I finally let go of him.

Giving him a piercing glare, I said, “Excuse me gentlemen.”

I started limping towards the kitchen when I felt someone’s hand go around my waist. “You need help,” someone whispered. I was about to slap the punk’s hand away [assuming it was Riley] when I noticed it was Ethan himself. With a sigh, I led him toward the kitchen where Alexis was waiting.

“Oh finally, there you are-”

But she froze mid-sentence when she saw who was with me.

“My dear sister! Don’t you know its not right to bring your visitor to the kitchen?”

He opted for it, not me,” I muttered, finally stepping away from Ethan and sitting down on a chair.

With a sigh, Alexis rolled her eyes at me. “So are you going to help me set up the table or not?”

“With a dead foot, no thanks.”

“I can help!” Riley stepped into the scene and I groaned. I shook my head at my sister, now knowing the kind of flirt Ethan’s cousin was.

“No it’s alright. You and Ethan go ‘hang out’, I’ll take care of it.”

But Riley just had to get his way and before I knew it, Ethan and I were alone in the kitchen. He looked at me and I avoided his gaze by focusing on the ground. The silence was broken eventually.

“Are you alright?”

I ignored him and got up, limping back towards my parents. I wanted to avoid him tonight even though I knew that sooner or later, one of us was going to approach the other.




Dinner went well. It was mostly my father and Ethan’s, Alex and Riley that were doing the talking while I picked at my food and remained quiet. Alex kept looking at me and signaling me with my eyes as if to open my mouth and talk but what would I say? There was nothing of importance for me to talk about. And why was it me that Alex had to point to? Why not Ethan? Oh yeah, I forgot. He’s the guest. She can’t force him to talk but that’s still not fai-

“Hey dad, did you know that the tutor that’s help Lynette’s grades sky rocket is Ethan?”

I choked on the wine that I’d sipped and thumped myself on the chest, coughing. I glared at Alexis who grinned at me and decided not to open my mouth just yet, afraid that bunch of curse words would come out. Instead, I settled with a grim smile over at Mr. Marks and my father who both looked pleasantly surprised.

“Ah well that’s great! How long have two known each other?” The question was directed towards me and I took my time dabbing at my mouth with the kerchief before saying, “Just a few days.”

“By few days you mean about four months right?” Riley said with a grin. “Ethan told me he was tutoring some chick but I didn’t think she’d be you!”

I smiled back at Riley and shot one of my death glares at Ethan. So what, he tells the world I’m stupid; that’s encouraging. My pessimism was starting to spread inside me.

“Well thanks to your son, my daughter is doing alarmingly well in her classes. I’m finally not concerned that she won’t go to college,” father said, booming with laughter. Everyone laughed along but I couldn’t help go red with the way he’d just talked about me. It’s not like I was failing that badly before, I would have been fine without him anyways.

I finished my dinner quickly and excused myself. Usually, the ‘rules’ applied that I’d have to stay till everyone was done with their meals but I didn’t have the patience. I just wanted a breath of air before I got back in there.

Stepping out through the back door in the kitchen, I smiled a little as I breathed in deeply. A cool wind came through and I sighed a little happily but that was when I heard a voice behind me.

“We need to talk.”

Ah crap. Here comes the end of the world.

The End

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