Embarassment In A Gown

"Lynette! Please come down and help!" I heard my sisters voice call from downstairs. Lazily, I trudged down the steps and dragged my body to the kitchen like I had no interest in doing this. My father's eyes nearly popped out when he saw me.

"You're not dressed?! Alexis, why isn't she dressed?" My father nearly shrieked while continuing to chop the vegetables at a super human speed.

"Ego problems," I muttered and crashed onto the sofa [and yes we do have a sofa in the kitchen, we can afford at least that much].

"Come on love, let's go get ready." Alexis muttered, slipping out of her apron and taking hold of my hand to lead me back to my room.

"Al, you know I don't want to do this! I hate dressing up! And over my dead body is Ethan going to see me in that dress."

"You have no choice Lyn, now stop acting like a baby and put it on." She pushed me into my room, took the key out from my side, closed the door and locked it. "When you're ready to behave and dressed like a lady, give me a ring on my phone and I'll come and unlock this door. Otherwise, stay inside till you know you can handle yourself." When I heard her retreating footsteps, I decided she wasn't kidding and with a long sigh, started putting the dumb dress on.

Man, sometimes Alexis can really be stuck-up. Had she totally forgotten the reason why I didn't want to dress up like a Barbie when my 'gallant knight' shows up? It's the Marks for crying out loud! You were the one who blackmailed your dad to become his father's business partner anyways, its your fault. No, its not your fault!


Kicking the bathroom door open, I tore my clothes apart and entered the shower, turning it on in a blast speed. The warm water that sputtered down was like an instant relief to all the anger that was within me, almost like it would cool me down so when I see them, I'd be daddy's little girl again...which I knew, was impossible for Lynette Brooks.

Turning around, I grabbed the bottle of strawberry-scent conditioner and poured a whole ton over my wet hair. Even if the enemy was coming...I still wanted to look "presentable".

After the shower, I headed back to my room and stared at the gown in front of me. Awh god...I was going to melt in the spot when I stood in front of Ethan in this dress. It was a dark, moss green silk gown that descended to the floor in an elegant, queen-like way and it had a V-cut neck in the front spaghetti straps that would tie around my neck. Hallelujah, Christ save me.

After getting dressed I decided to just put my hair up with those chinese-stick like things. I didn't want to go through the trouble of straightening it and making it tidy so why not just put it up? I mean, in that case it wouldn't be messy but it would make me look...appropriate? Shaking my head to myself, I got ready and reached for my phone, dialling Al's number.

"The number you've dialed is either turned off or in a region that is not available. Please try again later."

"Damn it!"

I then proceeded to bang on my door and holler but with no sucess, failure came my way. Frustrated,  I decided to do something I'd never normally do in my life, jump out the window.

Making sure my dress was not going to get ripped apart or anything, I made the leap and landed on the ground with a large thump. Wow, I think I broke a bone. Slowly getting up, a peircing pain went through my ankle. Ouch!...yeah...maybe I should've just continued knocking on my door. Limping over through the grass to the front porch with an "ow" between each step, I noticed a black limousine come out into the parking lot. Shoot, they were here! And I was not ready to see them! Hopping over furiously to the porch, I checked back and noticed the familiar figure of Ethan stepping out the car.

Crud! They were coming! Okay, only a few steps till the front door. Peering over my black curls, I noticed his family getting closer then ever before. And they, had not seen me yet.

With each hop, I got closer to the front door and I almost shouted in success when there was only one step left and a few feet away to the front door. But that's when the world spun even faster. You see those times when the whole universe conspires against you just to get you into the clutches of embarassment? Yeah..thats kinda what happened. To be frank, I tripped.

And fell.

And fell.

And fell some more.

And landed on my butt.





"Need a hand?" I heard his soft voice behind me and with a deep breath, I looked back up into those beautiful stormy orbs.

The End

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