Dumb Arguements With Smart Tutors Suck

"Jason...he's bad for you Lynette," Ethan whispered, his blueish-gray orbs staring deep into mine.

Aft first I didn't know how to respond to that. My tutor was advicing me about my love-life. Where did that come from? It's the last thing I'd expect from him.

Keeping my tone of voice steady and normal, I said back, "And how would you know?"

He ran his hands through his dirty-blonde hair and his face in an expression of frustration.

“Ugh…because he’s Jason Crowe.”

I lifted an eyebrow at him thinking, “is that supposed to change anything?”

Seeing this he continued. “Don’t you listen to the gossip in the bathrooms?”

Oh man, that hit a nerve. Wrong step forward Ethan, wrong step forward.

“Well I’m sorr-y for keeping my ears to myself unlike someone here,” I snapped at him, my voice filled with venom.

His mouth twisted in suppressed words, ones I knew he’d love to say but couldn’t bring himself to. I narrowed my eyes at him and glared at him more intensely, daring him to go on.

“Really? Is irony at our doorstep now?”

I almost had the urge to gasp and smack him across the face dramatically like woman do in those old-fashioned romantic movies. But this wasn’t a movie. To think that I’d changed my behavior from the old-Lynette I was but here I am having the same violent thoughts all because of him.

“No you don’t know anything. Can’t you just mind your own business for once?”

The moment those words escaped my mouth, I felt horrified at what I’d just said. The guy who had changed my life when it came to my relation with mom, I’d just insulted him telling him to mind his own business when that should actually be the last thing he should be doing if he cared about Lynette Brooks.

I looked away at the shocked and a tad bit of hurt expression that crossed his face. Silence reigned us for what felt like forever while I wallowed in my guilt inwards. No matter what, it was wrong to have said that. I waited for him to say something, thinking he’d confront me. But instead, he scoffed at me.

"Nevermind. Just listen to me when I tell you this: Jason is bad news. Why? Because he's a bloody Crowe -- that's why."

I stood up abruptly, knocking the chair I was sitting on backwards so it toppled to the ground with a loud clang. I did not know what my face must have looked like but based on Ethan's reactions, simply put: p-i-s-s-t o-f-f.

"Thanks teach but I've had enough of today's so-called lesson. Good day to you too."

With that, I spun around on my heel and marched out the library doors. The last thing I heard before stepping out was Ethan's voice saying, "What the he- Lynette!" I did not turn however to meet his now-alarmed face. Instead, I stomped through the hallways, invisible tears pricking at my eyes. Opening my locker as fast as I could, I dumped my textbooks inside and shut the locker. When it wouldn't lock properly, I kicked it hard sending a loud-metallic sound echoing through the walls of the school.

Anger was taking over me and I had to get out of here, fast. When I noticed Ethan calling my name and jogging toward me from somewhere around the corner, I made a run for it probably looking like a maniac to the few people left in the school. I noticed Ashley staring at me, analysing the situation.

When I passed her, I think I heard her say, "That emo b****** is so screwed."

If I had been feeling otherwise, I would have cracked up and rolled on the floor laughing at what I assumed she'd called Ethan. But I had to agree. He was so screwed. Not only with her from the looks of it, but also with me.


When I walked into my room, I had a surprise visitor waiting for me there. And no, you probably think it's Jason but it wasn't. It was Alexis. Her black pixie like hair was cut short and gave her a cute-innocent baby look, what a decoy. She was still shorter then me but my 23-year-old-sister had sure grown a lot in more then just vertical-ways. She was an official adult and no longer the sister I could play "Barbie" with. It sure had been a while since I'd seen my older sister and maybe that was the reason why my father was holding a rose and beaming [which is totally unlike him] when I walked into the house. But ignoring the odd-sight, I'd continued up to my room and here she was.

Dropping my bag to the floor, I flung myself at her. I heard her soft tinkling laugh as she hugged me back. Only after a minute or so did she notice I was crying. Stepping back, her chestnut brown eyes assessed me worriedly.

"What's wrong? What happened?" Then narrowing her eyes, an expression of fury entered her face. "Tell me the name. Did some a**h*** hurt you at school?"

I shook my head. Well for one, Ethan's not an a**h*** he's just an amazingly smart guy whose smartness can get the better of him sometimes and two, what a fascinating family reunion.

"I'm just so happy you're here."

I hugged her again but she pulled back again.

"Are you sure?"

I nodded and I knew she wouldn't believe me even though her body relaxed. Alexis would go with the cover I put up sometimes when I needed her to and these were one of those times.


Dinner went well. A whole family again, Alexis, father and I ate dinner together. I'd kept a chair for Mom whose prescence I felt, more strongly now then before. Alexis raised an eyebrow at this but soon, my father explained to her how I'd been going to mom more then often. Confessions, reconciliations, and updates about our life occured now. I told Alex how school was going and my dad gushed about my good grades.

"She's got an amazing tutor. Lynette hasn't told me who yet but he's been doing a good job."

Alexis smiled and sipped out her wine glass, listening.

The night went on and soon, father left feeling sleepy and drowsy. Alexis and I cleaned up, washing the dishes and then we headed for our rooms. She was sharing with me, like how she once had. We'd moved her bed to my room, making the space smaller but I didn't mind. This was all just great.

"You've changed a lot Lyn. You're not as..."uptight" anymore."

I grinned at that. Ahh, the memories of her last visit flowed back to me, remembering the time I'd slammed the door in her face one night for accusing her of moving on to her own life and getting married. I winced internally for that. I shouldn't have been rude.

"Gee, thanks Al."

Turning off the lights, we settled ourselves into bed and silence took over. Soon I felt my sheets move a bit and I noticed her slipping in with me in my bed. I smiled and turned to her, putting an arm around her waist. It was strange that when Al was here, I almost thought of her as my own mom this time. Here was the girl I used to talk to about PMS-ing and boys and all our girlish worries as a child. And here I am, grown up with problems of my own.

"Boyfriend issues?" She asked softly, stroking my hair.

"Kinda," I whispered.

"Tell me about it."

After a few minutes, I told her everything that happened.

"I'm dating Jason Crowe...and well, I really like him. But our relationship is more physical, then emotional. I'm not sure if that's normal, but even if it is, it just doesn't feel right to be with someone who's going all for making out and all that. So my tutor, who's Ethan Kenneth Marks, 'advised' me a little that I shouldn't be with him, that he's 'bad news'. So I kinda got in an arguement with him and now...it's all screwed up."

She registered this for quite a while and then asked, "Who took you to the cemmetery and helped you open up?"

"Ethan," I whispered.

"Do you love him?"

Puzzled, I looked at her. "Who?"

"Jason of course."

I looked away and shrugged. "I don't know what love is Al...I'm not like you. I haven't dated a million boys in high school. This is my first one."

She sighed a little. "Lyn, what you and Ethan have is a close-friendship from what I think of it. You and Jason have a physical relationship. From what I hear, Ethan is the one who seems to care more about you emotional-wise and maybe, it might be a good thing to listen to him. But follow your own heart, love. No one knows you better then yourself. If you want to contine your relationship with Jason, then do it. But you have to, no-matter-what, fix things with Ethan. Alright?"

I nodded. "OK."

"Besides, you have the perfect time to do just that."

I looked up at her, a question mark appearing on my face.

"The Marks family are coming over for dinner tommorow. After all, father and Mr. Marks are business partners. So they've got to strengthen the relationship and all. And I bet Ethan will be coming. You sort things out with him then. I'll be keeping an eye on you."

Feeling a bit glum by hearing that, I closed my eyes, thinking how I would talk to his face after all I've said. Oh well...high school drama never ends.


The End

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