Aftermaths and Cancellations

I woke up the next morning, a smile on my face, one that surprised me even. This isn't like me. Lynette Brooks just does not wake up with a happy doo-doo expression on her face like how I had one now. But for some reason, I didn't care the slightest bit. Things had changed in me since yesterday's experience and I was grateful for that. The words "thank you" were still waiting to be rolled out the tip of my tongue. But I'm sure the kiss had done the job.

I froze in place when I remembered the kiss. "Oh dear god Lyn..." I murmured to myself while the hot flow of water beat against my back. My cheeks burned and I knew this time, it wasn't because of the steam in the shower. " did not kiss your tutor," I whispered to myself.

But that's exactly what I'd done. Hey, that was only a sign of gratitude anyways. Nothing else, nothing at all. But the thought of how Ethan might have reacted to the kiss is what sent me scrambling out the shower, toward my bedroom. Maybe I should call him and tell him it meant nothing at all. This is Ethan Kenneth Marks afterall. He may be a mastermind but I don't think he is when it comes to situations like these.

Flicking through the pages of the yellow book for over 10 minutes, I still didn't find his number. Finally, I sat back on my chair and relaxed. It didn't matter...I'm sure he'd understand.

With a feeling of reassurance, I got dressed in a bright yellow skirt [it sure must be surprising that I had something like this in my wardrobe, ha!] and a cotton white top. I left my hair down and made sure to comb it neatly instead of its usual messy hairstyle. For once, I looked like a lady. When I met father in the kitchen, he seemed a little surprised to see me up early and his eyes narrowed, almost waiting for me to say something snotty.

"Goodmorning! And how are you this fine day?"

The sight of seeing my father choke on his coffee gave me a satisfied feeling. He looked me up and down and then asked me the question he thought I must be dreading.

"Where were you yesterday? You came late, I saw you sneak in and no lies!"

"I went and visited mom."

That did it. His eyes changed from stern to shocked to happy.

"You did?"

I gave him a small nod then looked at my hands, deciding to apologise about something.

"I'm so sorry father...for neglecting you for all these years. Even if my grades sucked and I was failing in school, that's no excuse to have remained quiet to you about mom...and I'm really sorry for that."

I went over and hugged him and before long, I felt him hug me back.

"It's okay's alright."


The sun was shining and doing a good job at it when I headed outside. I'd had a long nice talk with my father, not only about mom but also about my grades which had skyrocked to B's and A's. It was nice having talked to him like a real father after what felt like years. Had it really been that long since I'd had a decent conversation with him?

I sighed and brushed a few strands of hair back as I walked on. I was thinking of heading to the community garden just to have a good whiff of roses and daffodils, you know to have a little of nature up my sleeve. I shook my head, smiling, at the thought of how un-Lynette this is. But maybe this is just a temporary side effect to yesterday's events.

<bring!> I jumped a little at the sudden vibration on the small skirt pocket. Taking my phone out, it said I had one new message from Jason Crowe. My smile grew wider as I read it.

You're looking great this morning, not that you don't any other day. ;)

I texted him back.

And how might you know that?

Within seconds I recieved a reply.

Turn around.

I already knew who would be the one standing behind me but I did it anyways and found emerald green eyes staring into mine.

"Hello beautiful."

I laughed and reached up on my feet to give him a soft kiss on the lips before intertwining my hands with his and continuing our walk. This was defenitely going to be a nice weekend. Not just for the reason that Jason was here but also for the one that I was going to visit mom a couple more times.


I moved swiftly through the crowded hallways of the school, my eyes in search of dirty-blonde hair and blue-gray eyes. I hadn't seen my tutor since this morning and that worried me. Had he freaked because of the unexpected events that had occured and decided not to tutor me anymore? Or had he just mysteriously gotten wiped off the faces of the Earth? But when I saw the familiar figure in front of me, I was able to rid myself of those thoughts

I lightly pressed my hand on his back and he jumped up in alarm.

"Hey," I said, smiling at him as I leaned against the lockers. I think I felt my cheeks burn up but maybe that was just a feeling.

"Uh, hello," he said back and before he could say anything else, someone's arms wrapped around him and I almost screamed in fear of him being attacked by a chimpanzee. The guy in front of me sure looked like one with his burly arms and muscular body.

"Well lookie here!" He eyed me up and down which made me want to smack him silly. "Ethan's got a girlfriend! I'm his bestfriend by the way. Rogers; Brandon Rogers."

Who did this punk think he is, James Bond? He held his hand out for me to shake and if it hadn't been for Ethan, Ashley and hallway of crowded teenagers, I would've chopped his arm off. I lifted my eyebrow at him and almost had the urge to say something rotten before I thought better of myself and changed my gaze to Ethan, smiling again.

"Ethan, I can't meet you afterschool. I've got an...unexpected date."

I can't believe I just cancelled my tutoring session with him for a date out to the movies [again] with Jason. Ethan looked at me a little strangely at this. Apparently, he didn't believe it too. He nodded a little robotically in response to my request.

"Oh, okay. No problem. With whom? If I may ask."

I felt my cheeks burn up for what seemed like the millionth time in my dating experience with Jason. I looked at my feet feeling a bit shy.

"With a guy named Jason Crowe."

I was almost curious to hear Ethan's reaction to this but before he could say anything, Ashley jumped up and said something about wanting to steal Ethan. My thoughts elsewhere by now, I decided to leave, waved at Ethan a little and started walking to my last class. Oh well...being the kinda guy he is, he wouldn't have reacted much to my statement anyways.


I almost felt a little bad for cancelling my session with Ethan...I certainly hadn't experienced anything major that would have replaced the knowledge I could've gained from him today. Today's date with Jason was a bit lacking to me. At least that's how I felt.

This was what happened. He picked me up after-school, looking like a movie-star more then anyone has the right to, and we went to the cinemas again. I was almost a bit disappointed when I noticed we were taking the route to the mall in his car.

"So...we're going to the cinemas?"

"Yep! I got tickets for a James Bond movie. I think you'll like it."

I wanted to slump down in my seat and look bored but I knew if I did that, Jason wouldn't be too happy. Overall the date was kinda...boring. Just the same one as usual and I wasn't particularly hyped when I returned home that day. Infact, father said I looked kind of like the snow queen and he laughed at his own joke. But to me, that was not funny at all.

I did not expect that when I would meet with Ethan the next day, he would have a few 'biting words of advice' to give me. It's odd how all our fathers were business partners with each other at one point of their lives and now, the "heirs-to-the-throne" were playing games with eachother too.

The End

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