Obvious To Everyone But Him

Lynette kissed my cheek. She kissed me

 Kissed me....

I...It was soft and gentle despite the roughness of her chapped lips. I didn't see it coming either, if that's possible for a teenage boy.

I had returned her home with a strange uneasy feeling vibrating through my body as soon as I stepped onto the property. There were thoughts flooding my head, most of which were warning alarms telling me to hurry up and get out of there. I had gone passed the normal bounds of a relationship between a tutor and a student. This, in a way, was ironic because there must've been a number of times when we had thrown nasty comments as daggers; in other words, we didn't like each other. And yet...there I was. Being her ‘shoulder to cry on'.

When I took her home, she was still quiet as before. Most likely reflecting on what had just occurred, I could imagine. In my own silence, I led her to the front door and, with my parting words, I had turned my back (for the second time that day) to leave. But I felt a tug at my hand. I worried so quickly that a frown appeared. I turned to look at her and say something, but I was silenced with surprise. The sweet kind, apparently.

Her lips barely touched my cheek, but they still did. The cracks on her lips caused all sorts of friction against my soft skin, but I didn't mind it though. The contact ended just as quickly as it was made. I wasn't sure if I looked at her or if she did, but I stood there and allowed myself to take in what had happened.

"She kissed me," I whispered as I watched her departing figure open and close the door. The only thing that snapped me out of my trance was the cold wind that whistled in my ear and sent (delayed) shivers down my neck.

I would have slapped myself for acting dumbstruck at that moment, but I left the house without even uttering another word to myself.


I returned to school after the weekend, meaning I hadn't seen her for two days. That was all fine and dandy for me, but I admit, I was worried. Enough so that when I didn't spot her in the hallways or during lunch, that my concern went up a tad. But Ash, one person I could confide in (unlike Brandon), spent the day at my side, trying to get me to speak or say something, "Ethan" she called once, but I was too busy squinting and looking for Lynette through the crowds of social cliques and loners. It was then when Ashley decided that brute force was the only way to get my attention.

"AH! What the hell?!" I yelled, rubbing a sore spot on my back. I could see Brandon smirking so I instantly turned to look at him with suspicion. He pointed at his sister in mock innocence.

"Welcome back to planet Earth, Ethan," Ashley said taking in the pleasure from my pain. I rolled my eyes and snorted.

"Yeah, whatever," I turned to face her while beaming in holes, "Why did you hit me?" She just laughed and ignored my question with as much effort she had used when she smacked me. "You've been awfully quiet. You didn't even reply when Brandon suggested you should wear tights to impress the dance teacher!"

I let out a sigh and shrugged. What could I say? That I was worried for a girl I barely liked? That would just lead to Ashley questioning me further. So instead I stuttered for words, "W-well..You see, Ashley...Uh..."

 The pressure of a hand against my back caused me to jump.

"Hey." Lynette was behind me, leaning against a locker with books in her hand and smiling in a mischievous way.

I blinked at her, a tad clueless with a blank face. "Uh, hello." I tried to smile back, but Brandon's burly arms wrapped around my neck in an effort to get the girl's attention. "Well, lookie here!" Brandon smiled foolishly and eyed Lyn up without trying to hide it, " Ethan's got a girlfriend! I'm his best friend by the way. Rogers; Brandon Rogers."

He held out his hand for her to shake, or, knowing Brandon, to kiss with fake affection. She didn't take it though. Instead she did what I expected of her: Lynette lifted her eyebrow and gave my friend a look that I could only interpret to mean, ‘Eww. Back off' before she directed her attention to me again, resuming her smile.

"Ethan," she began to say, "I can't meet you after school. I've got an...unexpected date." It was my turn to look at her strangely. I never thought of her being the type to put off previous plans for a ‘date'.

I stiffly nodded. "Oh, okay. No problem," I swallowed dryly, trying to press the fluttering feeling of curiosity in my chest down, "With whom? If I may ask."

What? I was just curious. Besides...I deserved a better explanation then the one she just gave me. "Oh," I saw redness rising in her cheeks. Her eyes turned to her feet, shyly. "With a guy named, Jason Crowe."

Before I could even respond, Ashley jumped up from her silence with all sorts of giddy thoughts slipping out from her voice, "Great! I can steal Ethan then! We seriously need some pizza, don't you two boys agree?"

Brandon gave an outrageous fist pump in the air, pulling me into a tighter hold. Lynette giggled a little and waved a farewell tenderly, but I tried to say something, but you know...I couldn't breathe very well at that moment!

When my friend let go of me and gasped for air, Lyn was far gone, and the bell rang.

I hadn't taken in the information Lynette so forwardly gave me at that moment, either.


It was close to noon when I finally realized what just occurred in the hallway. Brandon was stuffing himself, Ashley was watching him eat in disgust, and I was slowly chewing at the end of a straw.

"Oh god, stop eating! You're making me sick just watching you!" I heard Ash outburst with a loud and vocal, ‘YUCK'. I didn't comment nor reply. I just sat there looking at the people pass by, quiet as ever. Ashley noticed this for the seventh time today and in an effort to pry me from my pit of antisocial-ness, she gently tickled the tips of her finger against my wrist.

I would have jumped (again) if it wasn't for the drink in my hand. I shifted and looked at the girl with colorful streaks in her hair and purplish make-up. "What?" I asked flatly.

Her eyes went up as if she was searching for a conversation. "So, your friend's dating Jason Crowe, huh?" I didn't even make an effort to listen to her.


Ashley's eyes narrowed and hit the back of my head. It hurt, of course. "Stop that, Ashley!" What was with her and hitting me?!

She made a rude noise, ignoring my pain. "Ethan...She's dating Jason Crowe!"

 "...Yeah, so?"

Ashley didn't even reply this time. She just let what was said sink in.

"Oh, what the f--"

The End

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