Flashbacks To Heaven

"Lyn, come on, you can do it. Jump!"

"Mom, I'm scared I'll break my leg or something. And I can't slow down!"

"I'll catch you darling. You can do it Lynette!"

My mom loomed in back and forth as I swung high and low on the swing. Taking a deep breath, I decided to make the big jump and try to not get myself killed at the same time.


My arms flailed about as I went flying in the air. Wow...scary yet fun. But when mom's figured loomed in front of me, I knew the landing wasn't going to be too soft. I crashed into her open arms as we both fell on the wet grass of our backyard. I giggled when she lifted me up with her hands, up and down in the air.

"What are you not going to do again Lyn?" She asked, looking stern.

I giggled again and said, "Try and kill you?"

With a laugh, she got up, holding me effortlessly in her arms as she went in circles on the ground as I flew like an aeroplane.

"And what's special about today?"

"My eight birthday!!" I yelled into the air in childish joy as my mom laughed and lowered me to the ground. I linked my hand in hers and walked with her back into the house where dad was waiting in the kitchen with a grin on his face.

"Hello princess."

"Hi king." I said in response and plopped up into the chair in front of me and stared at the most inviting cake ever. Wow...I was hungry. And my tummy rumbled in response.

"Wait a little honey. Let me go and get the video camera." And with that, dad dashed out the kitchen, leaving me along with mom. I looked up at her, my eyes sparkling as she beamed back down at me. Her black waves tumbled down her back as her hazelnut brown eyes sparkled. Mom was an angel sent from heaven just to watch over me. And today, she'd baked the best cake ever.


I turned to face the cake, as my mom lit up the candles which illuminated the dark room.

"Make a wish love...make a wish and it will come true," my mom gently whispered through the darkness

I closed my eyes shut in concentration to think about what I could wish for. Last year, I'd wished for a Barbie set which I'd got. And the year before, a pet turtle which I'd also got. What now? I racked my brain for something. This year...I don't need anything. I just want my family.

"God? Are you there? If you are...this is my wish! Please listen and let it come true! I wish that mom, dad and I...we'll always be together. No matter what happens, together forever. You made all my other wishes come true. But this is the one that matters. I love mom. So please...let us be together for the rest of my life. Thank you."

With a quick but powerful blow, the candles diminished and the lights were switched back on. My parents clapped for me as my mom lifted me up onto her lap and gave me a soft kiss on my cheek.

"What did you wish for honey? What is it you want for us to get you?"

"Nothing mom...you don't have to get me anything. I like it the way it is."

And without, I threw my hands around her neck and hugged her tightly. God would never let me down. He'd always be here, watching over my family. He is the best God ever.


"Lynette...wake up."

I felt someone lightly shake my shoulder and I opened my eyes slowly, looking around. Where was I? I met brilliant bluish-grey orbs and smiled a little.

"Ethan, hey. Where are we?"

"We're here...we've arrived."

Memories flooded back in to me as to what had happened in the past few hours and I blinked, now realizing what he meant.

"Of course," I said softly then got up alongside him, as we stepped out the bus. The wind was cool and twilight was setting in. Ahead of me was the cemmetery I'd never forget in my life. This was where my mom was. And she'd been waiting for me for 6 years. I owed her this. I really did.



The End

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