Ethan's Strangeness

"Hey Ethan," I said with a small smile, approaching him and his friend.

"Lynette, what are you doing here?"

I rolled my eyes at him. He knows almost more then Albert Einstein but he can't put two and two together.

"...I'm here to watch a movie, Sherlock," I finished.

The awkwardness filled the air until finally, Ethan's friend started a conversation with me. The moment I mentioned my date, something screwed up with Ethan. He wasn't looking at me straight...he was...acting very, very weird.

Speaking of my date...obviously, Jason and I were in a relationship now. Ever since the kiss, we've been snuggling up to each other and doing whatever people do when they're in a relationship. For instance, making out. A smug grin came on to my face randomly.

"What are you all smiley about?" Ash asked, stopping my train of thoughts.

"Oh um, nothing." I felt my cheeks slightly flush. My gaze flickered to Ethan and I saw that his eyes quickly change from stony and cold to expressionless. What was up with this dude?

"So are you two...going out?" I asked eventually. It'd been on my mind for a while. They hung out together almost every second of the day, they must be liking each other.

"No, we're just friends," Ashley quickly said as she looked at me a bit apprehensively. I felt relieved for a reason I didn't know of.

"That' I guess."

"Ash let's go." Ethan took hold of Ashley's arm, looking down on her. "Our movies playing, and besides Lynette here probably needs to go back to her date."

My eyes narrowed at Ethan. What was his problem?

"Let's go already." And then without saying another word, Ethan tugged at Ash's sleeve and they walked away from me, leaving me standing alone, feeling aghast and a bit furious.

"Hey, I've selected Toy Story 3. Is that okay with you?" Jason's voice whispered in my ear as I felt his hand wrap around my waist. I turned my head so I could see him and said, "Yeah, let's go."

Entering the theater, he led me to the seats he'd gotten.

"We're all the way at the back!" I whispered as we sat down.

"You weren't actually planning on really watching the movie, were you?"

I looked at Jason, confused.

"People won't be able to see us here and I was thinking, we could do something more then just watch the show."

Finally getting what he meant, I grinned. "That's perfect with me." I closed the distance between us for probably the millionth time in my life.



A week had passed and my tutoring lessons were going on like normal. Ethan and I were barely speaking though. After explaining the lesson, he'd just sit down and stare off into space or look anywhere but me.

But today, I didn't care less.

"So erm...who was this guy you were dating?"

I didn't look up from my notebook as I continued writing my biology essay.

"I mean at the movie theatre, a week ago, you erm...went with someone...I'm wondering who it was.."

I, again, remained silent.

"Lynette, are you alright?"

He approached me slowly, and then placed one hand under my chin so he could see my face. A tear slid down my face.


The End

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