Friends & Lynette...Oh Joy

I can't believe I agreed to do this. I know I'm not the sort to go out and have fun considering I'm the type to have my nose in the books 24/7, but amazingly Ash had pulled me out of them during our lunch break.

She started out coy, beating around the bushes in a way. "Friday nights are so boring, you know? Especially if you have nothing planned on that particular day. Don't you agree, Brandon or am I alone on this?" Brandon nodded and unsuspectingly the conversation turned to my direction.

I presumed they were making small talk or something along the lines. But I should have known better considering they never make "small talk". 

"Got plans tomorrow night, Ethan?"

I looked at Brandon strangely. The answer to the question was quiet of obvious if not staring at him right in the face. I only did one thing on Fridays: laze around with Riley and read endlessly. Then again this was what I always did, weekday or not.  

"Being lazy and reading," I stated plainly gaining (likely odd) looks from the twins.  "Nothing," I corrected, unknowingly falling into their little trap.

Ash practically jumped up in over-rated enthusiasm and smiled that strange smile of hers. "Good, so you can come with us."

I most likely had a blank expression on my face because I couldn't think of anything to say. When I opened up my mouth to protest after seconds of comprehending what just happened Brandon beat me to the words. "Come on, Ethan. Live a little."

""Live a little"? Seriously? Did you just say that to me? I don't "live a little"; I spend my life learning with hopes of going somewhere with my life especially since our high school years are coming an end meaning collage (along with what else our adult lives will have to offer) will be knocking at our doors." I ranted back at them. I hardly thought through that rant, honestly but nonetheless it didn't work, no matter how hard I tried to glare at them.

"No, guys."

"Yes, Ethan."


"Oh, yes!"

And that's why I'm here. We played our little game of "yes and no" with Ash playing the cliché move of saying "no" and confusing me into saying "yes". It was an old and dumb trick, but it worked on me apparently. Oh, how the great minded people fall in the stupid exchange of words. Terrible, really.

Brandon and Ashley decided to meet up at the old movie theater near the mall. The place was usually packed on Fridays, especially with gossipy pre-teen girls and teenage boys, who were trying to impress their dates. Why ever Ash and Brandon suggested going here is beyond my understanding...

I found them standing near the entrance, waiting for me. We exchanged our greetings and stepped inside.

"Okay, what movie guys?" Ashley began, Brandon and I shrugged.  Being lazy-butted guys, we really didn't care.

She frowned. "Fine, fine, I'll pick for you." She studied the list of movies showing now.

"How ‘bout a slasher flick?"

"Brandon would pee his pants. Then go to you for comfort at night about the "scwary" monster under his bed."

"Hmm... drama with a bunch of no good teenagers?"

"Ethan will complain about how unreal the plot is, along with the characters' dialogue being too exaggerated for teenagers."

"Yes, he would, wouldn't he? Then maybe action." 


"Sure, sis."


You know what I love about Brandon? Absolutely nothing.  The son-of-a-gun left us standing there with big sized popcorn, waiting for him to come back from the men's room. We doubted that though. He probably went off to chase some pretty girl.

Speaking of pretty girls, I spotted someone I didn't expect to be here. Yup, Lynette. She must've caught sight of me before I did because she was walking towards me.

"Hey, Ethan." Lynette greeted.

"Lynette? What are you doing here?" I asked stupidly.

She rolled her eyes at me and said, "Well, I came here to ride the llamas---I'm here to watch a movie, Sherlock."

Of course, she was. What else would she have been doing? "Right..." I muttered under my breath in muffled embarrassment.

Ah, then the awkwardness settled in so Ashley was quick to put herself in the conversation. "What movie you're watching?"

"I'm not sure. My date is checking out what movies are showing now. And it's Ashley right?"

"Yeah, it's Ashley. Wait...did you say date?" Lynette nodded and went on to continue to converse with Ash, leaving me out of it.

I sort of needed it though. My thoughts were raging and I can't help, but stare coldly at Lynette, but I always wiped my head away when her gaze turned on me. I honestly don't know why I did it, but I stayed silent for the entire evening...

The End

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