Not Just A Dream

I was actually starting to become a nerd. Hard to believe, yes, but it was the truth. I felt my adrenaline pump up when ever Ethan asked me a question, I’d shout out the answers until I finally got it right. And it was actually working. I was becoming the top student in lots of classes, of course the teachers with their smug smiles said the reason was because I was getting tutored by Ethan. I remember replying back to them saying that I was putting the effort into studying well.

My education life was going well and will continue to. But my social life was down in the pits of Hades. I barely got to hang out with my friends now. Stephenie and Lance understood the whole tutoring situation but they also didn’t like it that I was spending my time having my heads in books. Like I said, I was transforming into a nerd.

“You are going to have to take a break from studying!” Lance said sternly one day.

“He’s right you know. I’m starting to think you are going to explode any moment with all that knowledge in your head,” Steph agreed.

“Fine, I give. We’ll go out together soon.”

And today we were. But our plans came to an immediate halt when Steph pointed out to me that Jason Crowe was in his Mercedes again, grinning up at me.

“Are you two dating or something?” Steph questioned, gawking.

“Erm, I’m not quite sure.”

“You didn’t set him up to come here so you could ditch us did you?” Lance glared at me.

“No way! Why would I do that?”

“He’s waving at you.”

And sure enough, he was.

With a sigh, I said, “I guess I’m going to have to see you guys later then.”

Before they could protest, I started heading toward Jason, who was looking handsome as ever.

“Fancy meeting you again Lynette.”


To simply put, Jason and I were ‘catching up’. After grabbing some ice cream at a nearby shop, we headed to his house. His parents were out of town and he was using this as an opportunity to show me on a tour around his huge mansion after which, we hung out in his room. It was just like mine, minus the screamo band posters and female necessities and all.

“So where have you been lately?” He asked me. “I mean, I’ve barely seen you around.”

“I’ve been getting tutored. I really needed to bring my grades up.”

“Wow…Lynette Brooks studying…I just cannot imagine that.”

I slapped him playfully on his shoulder as he laughed at me.

“What about you Mr.We’ll-hang-out-but-I'll-never-show-up, what have you been up?”

“My dad, he’s frustrated at the fact that your father has now gotten a new business partner. He’s actually forbidding me to see you in anger. I took today as an advantage though.” He winked.

“But what would happen when your father figures out?”

“He won’t, believe me,” Jason grinned, “I have my ways.”

We spent the whole night together, just talking our way through. In fact Jason insisted at the fact that I stay over for the night and I was surprised that my father actually let me. Today, it was all just working out.

Right now, Jason and I were watching a rom-com in his huge living room and I was a little hungry.

“I’m going to go make popcorn,” I said, getting up and heading to the kitchen. Grabbing one of those microwavable popcorn boxes, I tore it open and placed it inside. After the microwave came to a stop, I took out the bag, grabbed a big plastic bowl and poured the popcorn into the bowl.

“Popcorn’s ready!” I called, then turned around, bowl in hand, and bumped into Jason. The bowl dropped and the popcorn scattered across the floor. Damn it! All the popcorn gone to waste! But that was pushed back into my mind as Jason stepped closer to me. I backed up till my body softly hit the marble slab behind me. Jason put an arm on either side of my waist and leaned in oh so close to me. My hands were on his chest and I wasn’t sure what to do.

“Jase…” I started.

“What are you thinking right now?” He interrupted me before I could think up anything to say. He looked into my emerald eyes searching for an answer.

“I’m contemplating on whether to push you or pull you closer.” Where the hell did that come from?!

“Let’s choose option number two.”

And before I could make any sense of what that meant, he leant in and placed his lips on mine. It took me a while to react as I just stared dumbly at him. He grew demanding as he lifted one hand to run through my hair, pulling me closer with his other arm till my body was crushed against his, kissing me more forcefully. And that was when something snapped in my, whether it be his passionate and insisting way of kissing me or the fact that my body was on fire, I kissed him back. My hands moved up from his chest and wrapped around his neck as he wrapped his around my waist.

We both parted from each other after what seemed like an eternity. He grinned at me as I grinned equally like a dork, back at him.

“Was about time we did just that,” I muttered, my hands now stroking his hair.

“And I’m planning to do it more.” He lifted me up onto the marble counter of the kitchen and closed the distance between us once again.

The End

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