Trivial As Ever

"...And Henry's son died at what age and in what year?" I asked her. It had been maybe two weeks since we settled our little deal and we've become comfortable with our routine of meeting up after school for tutoring. Currently we were going over some basic information on the notable members of the Tudor dynasty.

Lynette stuttered a bit as her mind searched for the answer. I knew the question wasn't going to be on her test coming next Tuesday, but it couldn't hurt to jam so more information into her...not-so-petite brain.

"Uh...Edward VI died at the age of 15 in...1553!" She practically jumped out of her chair when I nodded; she was right.

I was a bit bewildered now. Every time she got an answer correct (which was becoming more frequent over the last couple of days) the crazy woman would get all cheery and peppy. It was terrifying when she started doing her "happy dance". I honestly didn't know that people had a happy dance.

What's next? Rainbows and unicorns?

"Alright, calm little-miss-insanity. We still have to cover Anne Boleyn and her daughter, Elizabeth."  But she pouted, cutely. I also made the annoying discovery that she pouts like a little child when she doesn't want to do something.

"Can't we take a break or something? Just because you don't have any work today, doesn't mean we have to work endlessly!"

I rolled my eyes at her outburst, but I closed the history book on the table, silently agreeing to take a break.

Of course now we didn't have anything to talk about, but summing up some sort of start to a conversation, I picked a topic that was once a prickly subject for me to discuss.

"How did you do it?" Lynette arched her eyebrow, looking at me curiously as I spoke again. "I mean, how did you convince your father?"  

Her posture softened and relaxed a bit, almost saddening in a way. "It wasn't easy, but I was pretty blunt about it."

Okay, now it was my turn to give her the odd look. Sure, she was blunt about it, but I didn't think she'd snip around the corners of the fake scandal "bluntly".  Whatever that actually means...

I asked her what she meant. Lynette shrugged and leaned back deeper in her chair. A sigh slipped out of my mouth as I eyed her. It was strange and unusual as to how she could be so laidback on matters such as these. I wasn't my father or any sort of businessman, but I knew when a scandal broke out, who knows what hell is unleashed along with it. That's why my father and others like him are cautious around the media. But they also used it to their advantage.

"He wasn't very happy about it," Lynette stated plainly. "The man went insane then went pale. Something Alexis told me to expect."

"Alexis? You didn't mention this guy."

"Girl-actually my older sister," She explained, smiling at thought of her sibling, "Alex was really helpful too. I called her as soon as over heard my father's conversation. And here is where it gets interesting. My sister is married to a journalist-"

"Oh good god..."

"-who's a real "businessmen-basher"! So I think you can figure out what happened from there." She gave me a slick grin with her eyes twinkling with something I guessed was wickedness or accomplishment.

I was obvious to say really...she basically implied that she blackmailed her own father. Go figure. But being the good guy I was, I couldn't help....Did I just say "good guy"? I did, didn't I? What I meant to say is: being the slightly curious guy I was, I couldn't help but question her further.

"Yes...blackmail but why-"

"Blackmail is such an ugly word," Lynette mused, grinning with amusement.

"-bother going through all this? He's your father, isn't he?"

No longer amused, her posture turned to one of irritation, frustration, and maybe even confusion. "I do care about my grades, Ethan." I inwardly winced at her tone. "I'm not going to live in the lap of luxury forever, you know? And when I do leave, I'm taking my smarts with me."

I sighed.

Remember, when I said this girl was crazy? Insane even? I've changed the way I look at her-now she's crazy, but determined. Lynette had the determination that takes her far enough to...threaten others, or blackmail if you want to be frank. And over things that were trivial to teenagers: grades.

Then again, not all teenagers feel that grades are trivial.

The End

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