I really do not know what had gotten into me when I’d played naughty with Ethan. I’d never, ever, imagined doing that with anyone; even less, done it with someone. Is that what they call when girls become seductive and make things happen their way? Or is it just me?

I pouted at Ethan once more as he barked at me to sit down across him. Nevertheless he was sure that I wasn’t invading his personal space (oh joy). But I was wrong. He leaned into me, putting a hand on either armrest of my chair. How the tables have turned, now he’s invading my personal bubble.

"Tell me about this "scandal" or you can say good-bye to passing any of your classes,” he hissed.

I grinned at him, ignoring his intimidating tone of voice. “What do you want to know?”

“Everything.” And then he quickly rephrased his sentence for a reason we both knew of very well, “Everything about the scandal.”

This time, I leaned forward so he stepped back and fell onto his chair. I put my hand on either side of his and said, “Promise to start tutoring me again and to keep this a secret?” He nodded, waiting for me to continue.

I sighed, and then plunged into the details of the story.


I’d never thought my father would do something like that. I thought he was the Mr. Nice Guy but oh boy was I wrong. Steven Brooks with a business partner, had actually caused a fake scandal for Robert Marks. That was some juicy information I gained when I was hearing in on a conversation that was supposed to be confidential. My father still didn’t know that I knew about this…and that was a good thing…cause I could use it at the moment.

Ethan’s reaction to this was something I did not expect. I thought he would be angry with someone messing around with his dad but hey, he was amused…what do you know?


“Hey dad, I’m home!” I called as I entered the house.

“Alright!” He called back. Hearing that voice come from the kitchen, I went inside.

“I have something important to tell you.”

He turned around and looked curiously at me.

“You have to become business partner with Mr. Marks if you want me to improve my grades, if not, dreams fly away.”

The End

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