My Teenage Years Suck

I officially hate women. Especially the woman whose name is Lynette. Oh, did I mention that I just found out that her last name was Brooks and she is likely related to Steven Brooks. The same man I had a somewhat enjoyable conversation with while I attended Savory's Ball. Like I said, I hate Lynette.

I also realized three other things today: 1) I'm terrible with names and if I remembered her last name, I would've stayed clear of her possible father just because they shared the last name. 2) I probably wouldn't have done number one even if I remembered her full name; and 3) I really, really don't like the way she just walked away after doing that.


I pulled her away from the cafeteria and into the isolation of the school garden. I actually had hoped that this would clear my head, but no hopes for that. I could still feel her silent breathe against my skin even though she left my personal space moments ago.

God, I hate being a teenager.

I asked her if she was really Steven Brooks' daughter and she simply said "Yep, that's me." Lynette said it so plainly and bluntly as if it were common knowledge. Well, it sort of was but that was beside the point!

And then she did that again. She invaded my personal space, but this time she put her hand on me, breaking my (nonexistence) boundaries on physical contact while doing so.

Though I was partly to blame as to how our conversation went down. What seriousness I had dimmed until it completely faded and the pesky feelings of frustration and something else that was muffled. It all left me flustered.  

And after she whispered in my ear, well... She simply walked away. Dropping back to her normal height and giggling behind her hand, she said "I'll be seeing you tomorrow, in the library after school." This was when she stalked off, waving her hand at me without facing me, "Bye, lover boy." She called out before returning to the building.

Lover boy?-now we both had a nickname for each other. She's the crazy person that somehow tricked me into tutoring her again, and I'm the not-really-lover boy that hates her. Wondrous.

Now I find myself waiting for her to show up. Somehow this brings back memories....

When she finally walked in, I frowned at her lazy stature and content expression. "You're late," I barked at her, but she simply smiled and gave me a mocking bow like one people give to others of higher social status to annoy and irritate them.

"Sorry, teach'. I had trouble with opening my locker." Oh, she was completely making fun of me, now.

My frown was deeper now and my eyes were flaring with distaste. I pulled out a chair so it was directly facing me and I ordered her to sit in a harsh tone.

Lynette pouted, but I could see she was slightly annoyed at the fact that I was ordering her around. When she sat down, I leaned so I was no longer sitting up straight, but I leaned into her.

"Now," I started with what I hoped was an intimidating tone, "Tell me about this "scandal" or you can say good-bye to passing any of your classes." 

The End

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