Playing Naughty

I had him twirled around my finger, I knew it. With each word I said, he drew in closer to me. Ethan was mine, for now and for later. Bless Lance, I was going to have to give the jock my personal thanks later.

“You want to get your dad off your back don’t you?” I asked, leaning in. I saw him stare at my lips which for some reason, made me think was good; good not in terms of having him back as my tutor specifically but for some other mysterious reason. “I think I can help you.” He gulped and I grinned in success.
Just as I closed the distance between us so that I was only a few inches from his face, I whispered, “You believe me, right Ethan?”

He stared at me and nodded dumbly. I grinned in success and jumped back happily.

“Great! See you tomorrow for the tutoring!”

I scuttled back to Stephenie and Lance, the famous couple in the school and grinned at them.

“I owe you Lance.”

“Hey, come on. What are friends for?” He grinned back and gave me a hug.

Just as I was about to sit back down next to my friends, I felt someone put a light hand on my shoulder. A smirk slipped on to my face knowing who it was. I turned around and smiled innocently up at Ethan who was staring at me as if he’d just spotted some kind of undiscovered fungi.

“May I help you?” I asked sweetly, acting as if I’d never even tempted him to come here.

“Can we have a little word Lynette?” His voice sounded hoarse as he looked down into my eyes.

“I’m sorry Ethan,” I patted his arm, “but I’m very busy at the moment.”

Lynette,” he growled.

“Fine, fine! Talk about pushy!” I muttered and followed him out the cafeteria towards the school garden where we could talk in peace and quiet.

“You’re Steven Brooks daughter,” he stated, turning towards me as I leaned against a tree.

“Yep that’s me.”

“And you were saying something about a scandal.”

“Oh yeah that.”

He stared at me, with an eyebrow raised waiting for me to continue. I faked a yawn, then looked at my watch. “Oh my, look at the time. I must get going.”

Before I could even take a step back towards the cafeteria, I felt Ethan’s hand interlace with mine and pull me back to him.

“No way. You’re staying and you’re telling me everything,” he hissed with gritted teeth.

I grinned at him playfully, and leaned into chest, deciding to joke around and show what I’m capable of making him do.

“You want me stay?” I pressed my hand on his chest and I saw his eyes turn from menacing to goggle eyed. He nodded looking unwilling about it. I went on tip toe so my face was looming right in front of his and leaned forward so my lips were close to his ear and my body was against his.

“You want to know everything?” I whispered, seductively. I could feel his heartbeat quicken and I grinned. He was now mine completely.

“Well I guess you’re going to have to wait, loverboy.”

Oh, I really had him now.

The End

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