Crazy Person: One; Me: Zero

Yeah, remember when I thought this lady was crazy? I was right. She was also a hopeless cause. For weeks-two weeks to be exact-I tutored her in every subject she had, I've even gone as far as explaining every single detail of the chapters and topics. Math, biology, whatever-I sat there, not ever sitting to close for physical contact, but close enough to hover over her slightly to go over whatever we're learning on that particular tutoring session.

This time, we were going over something for her Algebra class...which she is terrible at. Not surprising though, three quarters of the school's students don't even know their multiplication tables.

Nonetheless when she handed me her notebook and giving me an exaggerated bet which I mentally smirked at; at least she had some ounce of determination.

"By any chance, have that billion dollars right now?" Her answer was wrong, all wrong. Kind of like every other question she's been shoving into my face.

Lynette lashed out at me, another thing she did. Still cute though, even though that was the hundredth time she did it in the past two weeks. I should know, I was keeping count.

Finally after another hour of watching her scribble and grumble, a wave of realization hit me as strange as that sounds. Lynette begged for my help, for my tutoring. And what do I get from it? Nothing.

I gave up. "I quit."

Oh, this was when she went crazy and tackled me. I'm serious about the tackling part. Really I am; it was more shocking then terrifying, I must admit.

When she finally released me and I began breathing normally again. And thank whatever deity out there for it; I'm not sure I could stand up for very often without falling over and taking her down with me. That wouldn't be very pleasant, for us both.

She was pleading-begging me with her eyes (and her death grip did wonders too). "I want us to make an exchange," I said; I wasn't going do this for free was I?


Just because my family had money, didn't mean I had. Pocket-wise...That's why I worked...well mostly. But that's a story for another time.

I was just going to flat out and say it, "I want to get paid. I'm not going to be doing these tutoring sessions for free from now on." The moment I finished speaking, her face went into shock; her eyes went wide and her mouth gaping. Oh, now the fury was rising inside of her.

"What?!" She exclaimed, with her voice going a bit high and squeaky.

I backed away from her and put my hands in front of me (much like the first time I met her) and barked out my response to her outburst, "Hey calm down, little-miss-insanity!" I saw Lynette's eyebrow slightly twitch at my new name for her, "I have my own problems, you know! I'm not going to spend my free time with you!"

She stomped her-stomped! Like a four year-old! "Oh poor little rich-boy, I'm so sorry you can't handle your bedwetting, but I am NOT paying for you!"

I frowned and my shoulders tensed. I walked a little closer to her and I realized something. I towered her ever so slightly. "Fine." I bluntly and plainly said.

"Fine?" Her eyebrow was no longer twitching, but was no arched up suggestively-I mean questionably!

"Yes fine. I'm going now." I turned away from her and grabbed my bag before walking away from her. I guess I was giving her the cold shoulder from then on.


I feel bad now. And Ashley wasn't helping at all. Why did I have to tell her about Lynette? Why in the name whatever god or goddess out there: Why?!

She was staring at me with that face. You know that face that girls give you when you've done something bad, but they don't want to come out and say it? Yeah, that face. The only difference is I know what I did this time!

"Stop that..."

"Stop what?" Ashley said, with a clueless tone. I think I hate women now, or at least Ashley.

I urged on, "You know "what"! I did what I did! Now stop looking at me like that and eat your damn pizza!"

So she did, while killing me with her stares. Oh boy what am I going to-"Hello, Ethan." The voice greeted from behind.

I know that voice.

Oh crappity of crap-crap.

I turned to find my former student standing there. "Lynette..."

Ashley chocked on her food and coughed out, "Lynette? As in "Death-grip-Lynette"?" Wondrous, she already gave the crazy person a nickname.

Lynette was standing near me, hands on hips and looking royally pissed. "Yes, that's me. But that's not what I'm here for." Lynette said, walking closer to me in my seat.

I could see the amusement flaring in Ash's face. I really hate women now. Seriously...

"What?" I spat out at Lynette.

Lynette clapped her hands with exaggerated enthusiasm that didn't fit her very well and said, "A little jock-bird told me your dad is a businessman."

I frowned now, looking very unpleased. "Yes..." I muttered.

"Well..." she chimed, egging my curiosity, "My father is Steven Brooks and I think you might want to know something about...oh, a scandal?"

What in the world was she talking about? "What?" I repeated, just a bit louder than before.

Lynette grinned with a mischievous glint in her eye, "You want to get your dad of your back, don't you?"

I gulped slightly when my eyes stared at her lips as they moved.  She went on, leaning into me. "I think I can help you."

The End

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