The Resemblance Between A Pufferfish and Ethan Is Uncanny

My life the next two weeks was a lot like a routine. School day, tutoring session, home; school day, tutoring session, home; school day...okay you know what I mean. My head hurt so much that I felt like I was going to blast into smithereens any second because of all the new knowledge that been stuffed into my fragile brain.

Father however, was looking at things very differently from me. "Lynette, don't you get it? If your head hurts that means you're actually accepting knowledge into your brain for the first time in your life!" Gee, thanks dad. No really, that made my day.

Furthermore, I had heard nothing from Jason Crowe after our date and this was annoying me a little but I had many other things on my mind then to actually think about my love life (did I actually just say love life). However, I was starting to think Ethan Kenneth Marks was really trying to murder me. He was giving me way too many problems for a sixteen year old girl to deal with. But pride was starting to get on the better side of me, or was it the worst?

I pushed my math notebook into Ethan's hands and said "Ha! I finished that problem all by myself and I'll bet you a million, no billion dollars it's correct!"

Ethan looked through the page for a minute or so before grinning crookedly at me.

"By any chance, have that billion dollars right now?"

I glared at him, furious past the verge of describing how mad I was.

"There's no way that I did that wrong!"

"Lynette, the plus sign becomes a minus sign since you brought it to the other side of the equation. And here, you screwed up the "a squared minus b squared is equal to c squared" formula. You're supposed to do square root once you substitute the equation with the values you solved for. Wait a second, even the values you'd solved for are wrong. So pretty much everything here is incorrect."

I grumbled at him and snatched my notebook back, correcting my mistakes. Pretty much every single tutoring lesson went like this. We'd already gone by fifteen of them and there was never a second that went by where I didn't wish I could pummel Ethan to death.

I was sensing that I was going to blow up any time soon, but boy, was I wrong.


"That's it, I can't do this anymore." I heard Ethan say.

I looked up from my notebook with an eyebrow raised. His usually pale face was now flushing red and his arms were folded across his chest showing his biceps [blimey! Ethan does have muscles! I guess that's just another thought I have proved wrong.]

"Excuse me?"

"I quit."

I slammed my notebook down and stood up, my chair toppling to the ground with the sudden speed.

"You can't just quit," I hissed with grinded teeth.

"Well, go ahead and have fun watching me." Ethan turned around and started walking off but I ran toward him and grabbed his sleeve, pulling him back.

"I'm not going to watch you quit ever, you're my tutor and I just won't let you go like this."

"Oh yeah? Well you're my student and I won't let a sixteen year old girl boss me around."

He shrugged me off him and continued walking toward the exit of the library. This time however, I literally pounced on him, piggy back style.

"You-are-staying-here." My arms wound around his neck tightly as my legs dangled around.

"Get off me!"


"Fine!" He croaked out.

I finally released my death grip on him while he clutched his throat and tried to become human-like again. He glared at me when he was back to normal while I glared back at him coldly, with my hands on my hips.

"Did you know that you weigh like a million pounds?" He muttered. I snorted and then confronted him, "Why do you want to quit anyway?"

"Don't you think this is all a little bit one sided?" He asked me. Before I could answer he said, "I want us to make an exchange."

The End

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