Rich Kid


Painful as the night of the ball was, I forced myself to get up and start my day. It started out like any other day, I suppose. Breakfast, laziness, and spending the rest of my morning in my study, doing what I usually did: working.

Pointless as sometimes it seemed, I sometimes liked opening my books and textbooks, learning about a number of things. Either it's about the Victorian era, cave paintings, or Chinese economy, it all held bits and pieces of what the real world was. Not the rich and prosperous life some people my father was acquainted with were so comfortable with; I was talking about the common hardships of men and women.

Ha! I knew if I had told that to Riley, well he would probably laugh in my face and say that I was the perfect image of a stereotype. Is "poor little rich-boy" even a stereotype? If it is, I may fit the bill.

"Hey!" I snapped my head to find Riley leaning against the doorframe as usual.

"What is it?"

"Why aren't you at school?" Riley, being post-graduate from collage, had totally forgotten about the school's usual routines. Today was a "holiday" for some students.  We didn't have to go to school, at least I didn't. Those who actually do their work didn't need to attend the make-up tests for nearly every one of my classes.

"Make-up tests for most of my classes are happening today, there's no point for me to go." I explained, in plain and blunt tone.

Riley snorted, but continued to be quiet as he watched me work. I got rather irritated with his eyes on me, especially at time when I want to be left alone.

"Yes, Riley? Do you want something?"

He gave me a grin and said "Oh nothing. It's just when we were leaving the Savory's Ball, you mentioned something about tutoring. Today, afterschool."




I was late. School was already out and I was already running to the library, breathless as ever. That girl will probably have a fit since I'm late. She seems like the type to through tantrums like a kid. She seems so immature and reminds me of a child.

A child whose name that keeps slipping my mind, apparently.

I finally walked into the library to find her seated with a frown twisted on her face. How cute.

"You're late..." She said, sending a fiery glare to me with just as much annoyance as I predicted.

Thinking up a quick reply and a grin plastered across my face, we threw witty remarks at each other during the entire tutoring session. Actually, I think my remarks were the only ones close to witty; hers were more juvenile then humorous.  Though being juvenile had its pluses especially when her eyes flared up and she unknowingly pouted cutely.

It was sometime before I finally left. Maybe an hour or an hour and a half had passed; I decided to end the session because she seemed to be tad tired. I guessed she wasn't used to reading so much information and maybe even understanding it.

I left with a kind of an evil grin on my face, clearly I had gotten on her nerves with my "I'll try not to" and I must admit, it was rather fun.

When I made it too the car park, I found Ashley lazing on the steps of school looking bored as ever.

"Ash?" I breathed out.

She turned towards me when she heard my voice, her blonde locks whipped in another direction too. "Oh, hey Ethan. What are you doing here?"

I should be asking her that question...

"Tutoring session," she gave me a weird look when I said that and she was about to say something, but I blocked her instead, "Don't ask. Just don't ask."

"Okkaayy..." I could see the interest flaring in her eyes when the word slurred out of her mouth. "Anyway, I was here to pick up some books I needed for class."

"I see..."

We stood there for awhile in comfortable silence. We both had nothing to say; at least I thought we did. Ashley invited me to get something to eat with her. It was strange...Ashley hated going out to places, namely the mall.

"Come on, I'm hungry and would you rather go home eat your crème brûlée?" Ashley persuaded, assuming I actually ate crème brûlée.

Because I didn't have anything else to do on this fine afternoon, I agreed with an unsure shrug. "Sure, why not?"  

The End

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