Dreamland and Tutoring Sessions

I woke up, with a loud gasp. Jumping up from the bed, I opened my door loudly and trudged downstairs towards the kitchen. Taking a cool bottle of water out from the fridge, I sat down and started drinking it.

Jason Crowe is literally haunting me. He comes in my dreams every single day and it bothers me so much. Since the date that had happened, I'd been feeling like I'd missed out on something I could've done in those few seconds he'd been close to me. And getting reminded every night in my dreams that I could've kissed him was not such a pleasent wake up call.

We went to the horror movie, and I hadn't snuggled up to him like he'd wanted me to, he drove me home, leaned against me to open the door and to say good night...and all I'd done in return was say good night to him too and jump out the car. I was such a coward!!! I should've just kissed him already!!! Why was I feeling so not myself around him?

With a sigh, I headed back up to my room. Flopping back down on my bed, I turned my head to see the time and sighed again. Half past three in the morning. Grabbing the pillow next to me, I pressed it against my face and willed me back to sleep again but with no sucess...Jason Crowe...I was going to kill him the next time I see him...or at least I'd try.


"You're late..." I said in a stern voice, glaring at Ethan K. Marks who entered the library.

"That's the line I should say to you, teachers can come whenever," he muttered, placing his things down and sitting down on the chair in front of me.

"Look, Ethan, I'm guessing that you don't understand how important this is to me. My dad is going to just spontaneously combust any second these days because of my stupid grades! So I'm desperate! Do you not get that into your thick headed skull of yours?"

He smirked at me, making me narrwo my eyes at him. He was obviously amused by my little outburst just then. "Who is your dad anyway?"

"That's none of your business now let's just start shall we?"

Ethan grinned at me. I think he liked the fact that he was pissing me off. What do you know, I'm his new source of entertainment.

"Alright then."

After that was an hour and half of stuffing knowledge into my delicate brain. By the end, I was feeling woozy and tired. But I did have enough energy to remind Ethan something.

"Next time, don't come thirty minutes late."

He grinned at me. "I'll try not to."

I was starting to have a feeling that Ethan K. Marks was not going to be one of the guys I was a softy to. He was really starting to get on my nerves. And I don't think he was going to get off them anytime soon.

The End

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