Ethan Freakin' MarksMature

Let me tell you one thing, alright? No one, and I mean no one bosses Lynette Brooks around. Ever since I was a toddler, I always got my way whether others liked it or not. Don't mistake me, my father never raised me up that way. He never wanted me to be spoiled. Dear Papa did want a smidgen of decency to be in my blood, being that big-shot businessman he is himself. He shouldn’t have had much trouble 'negotiating' things with me, or in other words yanking the PlayStation away the moment I'd seen one in the shop. But I clawed my way back, shoved my desires in his face 'til he no longer cared what I wanted and just let me do what I want. And hey, it worked. Apparently, this did not apply in school.

The moment I dramatically exited the whole homeroom scene, Mrs. Yack got someone to track me down. I wondered if she had some kind of emergency speed-dial on her phone to hunt after rebellious students like me when we fought back against the stupid American school system. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. She was the most ridiculous teacher on the whole campus.

Anyways, my gut had directed me up the stairs and towards the open balcony where a group of skater dudes were getting stoned. Honestly, all I'd wanted was to get some fresh air. You know, clear my thoughts and the continuous streams of curses that were running through my head. But they even invited me to join them! I don't know why people stereotyped these guys into being 'emo' or 'goth' cause that was really nice of really. However, even if I'd wanted to, I couldn’t have. You know why? Cause the next thing I felt was someone grab the back of my neck. And I don't mean friendly grab, I mean iron-grip grab that made me fear becoming headless the next second.

Spinning around, furious, I'd come face-to-face with the Student Council President, Kieran, who looked so very pleased. "Found her!" He' yelled, down the open stairway before dragging me back to class. Kieran had always had a soft spot for Mrs. Yack. A lot of people thought the greasy-haired genius had a thing going on for her (which would explain a lot), and he got a lot of special treatment more so than any Student Council President would get. But I'd been unaware that she'd employed him as a henchman.

Was it really necessary to get dragged down the hallways, with some students and teachers peeping out and laughing at me as I twisted and tried to get away from him? I really think not.

By the time lunch had come swinging around, I think the entire school knew about it. That I'd been ordered back into homeroom by Mrs. Yack by the nerdy but, suddenly heroic, Keiran. And what did I get? Not even a fist-bump from anyone for being awesome. No, all I got was people pointing and laughing at me. Ha-ha was now my middle name.

I had to bear the humiliation the rest of the week, walking through the school to each and every class, knowing that I had become the laughing stock on campus. In last period of Geography on Friday, Mr. Kent reminded me that the first tutoring session would be held today. And that my tutor was Ethan Marks, an A-grade student who I was very lucky to be paired with. Did I really look like I cared?



"Doing this isn't going to kill you Lyn. Besides, don't you think you're pushing the limits a bit here?"

I glared at Steph as I watched her take out the last of her textbooks from her locker, getting ready to go home.

"I mean, you're more than thirty minutes late for the session. And let's face it, it's not his fault that you're in the program so why condemn your tutor?"

Like I gave a penguin-crap about Ethan Freaking Marks.

"He can wait," I muttered. Steph rolled her eyes at me, shuffling her books in her arms before giving me an awkward little hug.

"Tommy's waiting for me in the car park so I should go. Now, will you please just go to your tutor session before a teacher shoots you on sight?"

Sighing, I said goodbye to her and then slowly made my way to the library. A table was apparently reserved for my session with Ethan. And there he was; sitting on the edge of his seat and tapping his foot away impatiently at the ground. Upon seeing me, his tired blue eyes widened.

"So you're Lyn-something from before?"

I scowled.


After a brief, and very one-sided introduction, I sit down next to him and sass him up. Cause, well being sassy works. Showing up without any of my textbooks annoyed him more and he decided to let me use his. Damn it, this guy came prepared.

"So, shall we begin?"

I stared at him, then at the cover of the history book; and suddenly, the idea of getting shot by a teacher seemed a lot more appealing than the pickle I was in now.

The End

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